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Lethann Aeda | Member Since 27 May, 2019
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Broadcasting Info
Lethann broadcasts once a week with occasional suprise streams for gaming.

Wednesday, 8:30-10:30am CST (UTC-6)
Worldbuilding, Mapmaking, Photo Manipulation (for articles), Writing Sprints, Article Showcases, and Q&A
    If there's a topic you'd like covered DM me on discord (look for me on the World Anvil Discord Server) or shoot me an email lethann+streaming (at) gmail (dot) com
Mapmaking, Photo Manipulation, Writing Sprints, Article Showcases, RPG Adventure Planning, Gaming, Tutorials
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  Geek Gamer Mom! I've had worlds floating through my head for decades and finally putting pulling them out and fulling building them. Currently DMing D&D5e and working on a Forgotten Realms based world for it. Starting with World Ember 2020 I've started a brand new setting: The Bennorian Chronicles

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Interests & Hobbies

Arts & Crafts: Mini painting, paper craft, adult coloring, illumination, crocheting, cross-stitch, and more. Computers: Photo-manipulation, basic web design, previous web DJ Writing!

Favorite Movies

Clue, Goonies, Dangerous Beauty, Labyrinth, Princess Bride, The Fountain, Inside Out,

Favorite TV Series

Lucifer, Supernatural (s1-5), Doctor Who (old and new),

Favorite Books

Curse of Chalion, Bobiverse, Belgariad, Memory Sorry & Thorn, Ready Player One

Favorite Writers

Kevin Hearne, Neil Gaimen, Terry Pratchett, Rick Riordan, Tolkien, Tad Williams, David Eddings, Dennis E. Taylor

Favorite Games

Diablo series, Elder Scrolls series, Rimworld, FFXIV, ESO, Subnautica, Foundation, Astroneer, Factario, and many, many more.