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The Bennorian Chronicles

Year 125 of
The Age of Silence

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Bennoria is a High Fantasy, Medieval setting for D&D 5e but can be used with any game system.
In days long past, the Deities of the world each chose a Sacred Avatar who wielded their Sacred Relic. Many stores are told of their mighty deeds, but those days are gone. The Avatars and their Relics were lost at the end of The Great War in the cataclysm called The Fall.   Now, over a hundred years later, Bennoria is beginning to feel a darkness creeping over the islands. Without the Avatars, who will rise to the challenge?

Created for World Ember 2020.

What is Bennoria?

Bennoria is an archipelago of five large islands that are central to the setting. It is a world touched by deities and magic. For the past 125 years things have been relatively quiet but all that is starting to change. How will the players shape the future of Bennoria?

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