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Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

What is my Creative Goal:

To get back to working on my world.  

What is my Motivation:

I want to get back into twitch streaming again and working on Summer Camp is perfect.  

What is my Challenge Goal:

I'd like to at least get a Copper badge for this year since I missed last year. That would be completion of 8 prompts.  


Assignment 1

See above goals

Assignment 2

The themes of Expanse, Leadership, Discovery, and Monstrous can all help me flesh out the island of Shiris where the champaign will be starting from. A good expanse to work on will be Tressau. Leadership can focus on the Ivywood Village which is the starting city. A good place to have discovery might be in the Irotrie Mountains. Since I haven't really touched on much of the monstrous animal life at all that should be something in the forests around the Irotrie Mountains.

Assignment 3

Materials of inspiration:

Assignment 4

I'll be streaming every Wednesday from 8:30 am to 10:30 am on my twitch channel for writing Summer Camp prompts. Other days I'd like to spend 1 hour a night making some progress.   My chosen support network is the
Anvilite Streamers Corps
and my Twitch Channel community.

Camper Badge


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