Club Kismet

Club Kismet is the primary Hotel California of Axiom Brut. It is managed by the Hedonite Marquis: Agora of the Pearls.

Local law enforcement is aware of the building's status as a Hotel California but, due to bribes and strong arm tactics on the part of the Marquis, only involves itself in Club Kismet's business only if absolutely necessary.

All patrons are allowed in during the evening. During the day time it is exclusively a Hedonite hangout.

Club Kismet was every bit the reality of the illusion and Glamour Vess was projecting. The throb of the base made her toes curl. It was a glottal chant which spoke the the bestial, innermost depths of the soul. Perhaps she was just a bit too proud of her Kinds, but she sensed it was the work of a fellow Helyk Sazashi—how could it not be? It resonated in such a primal way. She wanted to just give herself over to the craftsmanship of it, to fall into its trance and see where it took her.

But she could not. She could not. For two reasons, she could not...


The club is a dance hall a hundred feet long and 50 across, with booths along the walls and a bar at the far end. Suspended over the bar and sticking partway out over the dance floor is the VIP loft, where Agora spends most of his time when he is present. Many an important dealing has happened in that loft.

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Dance club
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Libations & Diversions

Swing (Drug)
Swing is a house favorite, and can be ordered at the bar.
Phantasia (Drug)
If you know who to ask, and are in with the local Hedonites, you might be able to score some Phantasia. It's always in short supply—few customers but high demand.

Cover image: Livin' it up at Club Kismet by Ademal


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2 Dec, 2020 09:06

Is it wrong that I really want to just, Like, sit in the corner and watch the evening unfold. This place sounds so cool, though not my usual hang out space. Nice.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
2 Dec, 2020 10:40

Hedon caters even to a wallflower. Thank you for reading!

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Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

8 Dec, 2020 13:21

Can I quietly join? Sounds like a fun place to people-watch! :D

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3 Dec, 2020 13:58

As an introvert, I don't think I'd enjoy Club Kismet, but it sounds really cool! I like the section on the side telling you what drugs you can acquire there. :D

5 Dec, 2020 19:14

Yeah it's too much chaos and energy for most of us reclusive folks, but the beats would probably be addictively good!  

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Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

3 Jan, 2021 19:38

That header pic is almost hypnotic. I could watch it for hours...

24 Jan, 2021 08:03

It was a lot of fun to program!

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Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

22 Jan, 2021 22:36

Whell, found where some of my friends have been going. Still, might be fun to hang around with a hot mug of well-spiced cocoa and get lost in the music. I wonder what secret societies use the club as a meeting place, knowing that it's the house of a not-so-secret society. Circles within circles, spinning the wheels on.
Whew, gonna need a mug of cocoa. And a passport back to Pact's borders. Might there be a souvenir shop? Mugs? Glasses no one will miss because everyone takes one home? Sounds like a great deal of fun, though I imagine myself more a wallflower and head-bopping to the music at the edges of the crowd.

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