Hotel California

A Hedon Home, known pejoratively as a Hotel California, is any Hedonite location designed to cultivate local sympathy or to sway visitors to join the Banner.   A Hotel rarely advertises itself. It is simply known

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Above: Partygoers enjoy a break between songs at Club Kismet, a popular venue in Victoriana and known Hotel California.


As with bohemians to Bohemia, the nation tied to californian concepts is long gone, but the spirit of the name remains.   Californian is a common adjective, but few bother to look beyond the word for its historical context and so miss out on the tapestry of concepts and ideals which have blended together and warped over time to become that single word:   Californian.   To be californian is to be—in terms rated from a gradient of kind to unkind: independent, avant-garde, risk-taking, loud, inclusive, representative, unorthodox, a diva, selfish, reactionary, irreverent.

Cover image: Livin' it up at Club Kismet by Ademal


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