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The Apple of Hedonism

One of the Seven Banners, the Banner of Hedonism.
It is ruled over by Desire and her Seven Luxuries, and pursues of happiness as the only end.


The Apple of Hedonism, Hedon, is many things for many people. It is an adaptive organism that takes all kinds and finds itself in all places. It is a philosophy, a religion, a culture, a hope, and a drug. It is pervasive by nature, and considered perversive by many. Hedon is a hierarchy of disciples ranging from the thrill-seeker on the street to the intergalactic Duke on their throne. It embeds itself into all levels of society, a natural result of Sophontic nature, and one which the other Banners have tried in vain to stifle. At its top is the Seven Leisures—high commanders—and the Kingqueen itself: Desire, who founded the Banner after being willed into existence.   To Hedon, Pleasure as the highest purpose, and Consent is the Highest Law, for without consent how can there be universal pleasure? This order works well for Hedon , but alienates it to those who consider the concept to be self-indulgent.

Core Philosophies



There is One Law: Consent; everything else is superfluous.
Explore yourself; your body, your mind, and your morality.
Do anything you want but abide by the One Law.
Break the One Law and pay two eyes for one.

Hedon leans on Consent as philosophy and law. You are expected to know your rights and your personal limits, and stand against things you oppose with an unbreakable resolve. The most powerful word is “No.”
Manufactured Consent
The grey area of Hedon is manufactured consent. All rules are liable to be bent and broken and the rule of Consent is no exception. Predatory minds linger in Hedon, conning you into Consent in any way possible. This is greatest issue that Hedon’s detractors focus on.
Layers of Consent
Law of Consent is not permission for total anarchy. Instead, the Nobility at Tier of Governance has permission from Desire to define the Social Contract which those beneath them must adhere to, may add onto, and can even add exceptions to, but may never remove from.  


Fluid Governance

The Apple of Hedon is a nepotistic oligarchy wherein Desire selects her direct subordinates and trusts them to select their own. She maintains her balance of power through the The Leisures of Desire  

The Leisures of Desire

The Leisures of Desire are her seven lieutenants chosen to maintain different aspects of society and to advise her in her rule. Each has a vastly different role and personality, and the process she uses to elect each is hardly the same from one Prince’s reign to the next. They may hold any scale of territory, from systems to settlements, but only at her discretion.   While Desire leads Hedon and maintains majority share of its assets. She often rewards the Leisures with holdings of their own: land, military, artifacts, and so forth. This often causes the Princes to vie for her favor and compete with eachother for resources—rather than combat, this manifests as grand tournaments and competitions.  
Leisure Name Domains
Glory Bel-Shaz'zr Media, Propaganda,
Ambition Akrasiel Expansion Tactics, Conversion
Intimacy Visra of the Burning Hearts Social Health, Population Management
Affluence Saul Economy,
Indulgence Lady Voracious Resource Management
Relaxation Unchea Public Health, Recreations
Justice Selukhaan Hedon Posses, Law Enforcement
  In all aspects of society, Desire holds the final say. More often than not, however, she will defer to the Leisures to advise on the aspect of society which falls under their domain.  

Nobility of Hedon

Rather than trying to organize the logistics of owning a world, Hedon piggybacks on other Banners by appointing individuals, Nobles, to rule over a Seat of Power, controlling and subverting social and governmental trends towards Hedon’s aims. This control is an open secret, a shadow government which is only half as organized as it sounds and twice as effective as anyone would want.   To survive as nobility, a deep understanding of Consenti and a large network of allies and resources is necessary. You are always in competition with forces inside and outside of Hedon.   Nobility reserve the power to appoint subordinates, and have command over a Tiers of Governance.
Nobility, ranked by supremacy, are:  
Title Tier of Gov. Example Seat
Prince Galactic Control Uncertain locations, on board the Rose of Hedon or their capital ships.
Duke WaySystem An orbital station overseeing the planet and planetary trade.
Marquis Planetary A major house of governance or near the epicenter of global politics.
Count Metro Region A large estate within the region with easy access to their Barons.
Baron Metro District A penthouse or club, anywhere with a good vantage or social throng.
Esquire Holds and Estates Any worthwhile hold marked by a Baron, such as a safehouse.
The intimidating thing about Hedon is we’re not sure if they own a dozen worlds or hundreds.
— Syndicate expansion expert
  Nobility maintain a presence and funnel resources to the higher nobility as fealty. If the planet’s owning Banner cracks down on Hedon they may reveal their hand, leveraging their network to cause social, economic, or even militaristic harm. This forces governments to instead compete with Hedon—done right, this is a competition that can feed the economy and do well for all powers involved.  
We ordered Voda-Shaddai to turn all its resources towards preparing for an attack on Hedon, and instead heard back that Voda-Shaddai was sending a fleet of ships to attack all of our stations in the area.
— Pact Commander


Due to the fact that Hedon often lives in society parallel with other Banners, Hedonites are subject to both Hedon law and the law of that Banner. Justicars and Posses help enforce Hedon Law, and it’s not uncommon for Hedonites to view many of the laws of the other Banner as flexible.  

Social Contract

Rules of society apply downwards through Nobility. This process is known as the Social Contract. In order to enjoy the benefits of Hedonite society you must adhere to the Social Contract of your area.   Social Contract changes from area to area depending on the Nobility ruling it. Tracking the local Contract is usually done via an app on your Comms implant that notifies you whenever you enter an area with a different Social Contract.
Yeah, I know, Duke Archai hasn’t made a ruling against duels on this world, but in my city we handle things like gentlemen. If I find anyone settling their differences with duels I’m exiling them.
— Count Velestra
Icons in the corner of my vision flashed, notifying me that the area I had entered allowed for drug usage. Smiling, a pulled out my Effer and got to to enjoying my evening.
  Typically, Nobility will respect the Social Contract of areas of those subordinate to them, and will abide by them when visiting. They reserve the right to waive this, but endanger their political standing in doing so.  

Civil Rights

Many Hedonite rights are provisionally determined by the Nobility. Below is described the universal rights as commanded by Desire. For more information on each Prince’s Social Contract, view that Prince’s article.   If Desire has no ruling, the Right is marked as Provisional.  

Right to Life

Physical Harm
Universal. Protects bodies from manipulation or damage outside of consent and self-defense.
Psychological Harm
Universal. Individuals who are traumatized, under duress, not of sound mind, or underage are not able to give consent.
Auric Harm
Universal. Protects souls from manipulation or damage outside of consent and self-defense.

Right to Property

Search and Seizure
Provisional. A warrant is required.
Land Ownership
Provisional. No default limits on what you can own.
Right to Assets
Provisional. No default limits on who or what you can own.

Right to Identity

Right to Body
Right to Speech
Right to Career

Right to Death

Right to Mortality
Provisional. Universal. Provides the right to die from natural causes.
Right to Suicide
Universal. Provides the right to take risks.
Right to Afterlife
Universal. Protects souls being prevented from moving onto the afterlife except with consent.

Law Enforcement

If you break this law of Consent, or are accused of breaking this law, you are Marked.   Marked individuals have the chance of redeeming themselves through a Justicar. Those who fail and are deemed guilty of breaking the law or Social Contract can be sentenced to expulsion, execution, or reeducation through the Trials of Desire.   Enforcement of the Law is conducted by Justicars and Posses.  

Consenti Justicars

One of the core rights of Hedonites, as outlined by the Prince of Justice, is the right to dispute Consent and Context of any agreement.   If someone wishes to contest, they are sent to a Justicar which has the jurisdiction to prosecute at the Tier of Governance which defined the Social Contract which was broken. Jurisdiction is determined by how versed they have proven themselves to be at Consenti.  


Enforcement of the Law is conducted by Possies organized by a Justicar. Some members of these are possies are career hunters, some are just looking for extra money or thrills. To join a posse you must submit to holding yourself entirely accountable to Justicars.   Posse hunters who break the law are executed.  
I think half the reason anyone joins a posse is for the sheer joy of hunting someone who has zero rights. Not every writ takes away all their rights, but when it does… well, let’s just say that I think half the justice system is handled by giving those with terrible urges a paycheck and a place to handle those urges.
— Justicar Jaxton


There is only one Hedon body where the rule of Consent does not apply, and that is the Military.   Hedon’s Military is small compared to the other banners, instead focusing more on cultural and political warfare than conventional. What military activity there is tends to be well funded, completely immoral, and gruesome.  


Hedon practices two types of military strategy: Shock and Awe and bio-weapons. Conscription is often provisionally outlawed. Instead, Hedon has no moral conventions and a irregulated armament industry. Weapons deployed by Hedon reflect this approach.  
Strike First, Strike Once, Strike Last.
— Hedonite Combat Doctrine
  Hedon’s strength shines brightest in the public theatre, where they are masters of cultural subversion and crowd conversion. Their words and offerings are a siren song to many, especially to those who don’t realize they’re being roped in.   Hedon uses Dukes to cause havoc within the planets they control. This can range from economic and military sabotage to total planet conversion. Combined with the bio-weapons, enemy morale spirals out of control. Military Defection and Public Opinion can quickly sway a Banner to attempt more diplomatic solutions.  
Hedon doctrines contain special clauses for POW or VIP prisoners.   It is not uncommon for captured fighters to be relocated to Hedon conversion camps. These conversion camps have been nicknamed as 'Calis' or 'Resorts' by Somnacy Troops. Their purpose is to win conversions by exposing them to the pleasures of Hedon culture in a policed environment.   If prisoners are successfully converted, they may be offered a military contract for citizenship or even freed.
I got the kiss of conversion as I lay dying on some fringeworld, I didn't know what was going to happen to me. I heard stories of Calis.... Overwhelming pleasures of body and mind which you can never leave. It is the type of Hell that Hell wants you to know, you know?   Turns out Hell's pretty convincing.
— Somnacy Defector




Hedon has an affinity for Orga technology. Massive bio-weapons such as the Ongleon are commonly used to not only destroy enemy holdings, but make them unusable without massive effort. In conventional warfare, they use a mix of organic, hellish mechanization to support well-equipped infantry.   Their egregious weaponry often strikes the morale of an enemy as much as it physically cripples them. It is not uncommon for enemies to surrender more often than die.

Prized Units

Bio Weapons
Hedon uses bio-weapons such as Ongleon, Cognivores, Ouroboros, and Trait Rampancy to fight wars without actually having to put boots on the ground. If Hedon sends a bio-weapon, there are few counters.
Desire takes it upon herself to convert other Banners’ prized units. Somnolent Angels are favored targets, captured and corrupted until they defect and fight against their previous comrades. This conversion serves a purpose other than just immediate military strength: conversions of such powerful units deals a devastating blow to enemy moral.


Hedon economy is, to the outside world, an unregulated mess of shady practices and products. This extreme laissez-faire view of business maintains a competitive edge over other banners. With no red tape or government oversight, companies are allowed to tackle the problems how they want as long as they do not break the Social Contract. The lack of regulation and bureaucracy is a boon for companies which often find themselves in legal grey areas.


While Hedon sports a far-reaching culture, they do not own as much as other Banners in land. The lack of land means Hedon has very little raw material wealth. Hedon bases the majority of its economy off two sections of industry: the finished products they make with other Banners’ resources, and the pleasure tourism they rake in from worlds across all Banners.


Low tariffs and high demand makes trade with Hedon a lucrative endeavor   Most Banners look the other way concerning Hedon’s subversion of trade regulations and routes, The profits of these trade routes outweighs the danger and cost of shutting them down. Only the Church of the Somnolent and the Haimarchy actively seek to eradicate Hedon presence.   Pharmaceuticals, Armaments, and genetic Traits comprise a good portion of the Hedon economic output. Hedon uses trade to export their culture as well—trade opens discussion and power, and many of the Nobility will take control of trade routes to suit their purposes of converting holds to their control.  
Slip them a discount on the bulk trade in exchange for some property in their capital. That’ll suit me nicely, plus I need a working vacation home.
— Hedonite Duke


Hedon's is its culture. It's Hedon's greatest weapon, its largest export, and its most unifying value.
It is a weapon which disarms its opposition.
It is an export, for many banners wish to have a slice of its charms in their everyday life.
It is a unifying value, as the laws of consent keep all following it content.   Hedonistic culture is as the name implies: Hedonistic. While Hedon is known for its drugs, sex, genemods, and raves, what tends to disarm people is resolve towards Consent and Pleasure. Consent grants one autonomy of self and encourages wisdom of law. Pleasure includes love, expression, and all other aspects of identity and joy—not just the depraved.   If you are not constantly partaking in new experiences then you have not truly dipped yourself into the culture of Hedon. Life is but a conduit to experience pleasure for Hedon, do with that conduit what you will as long as you do trample on Consent in the process.


Self Exploration

Hedonites are unified in their pursuit of exploring everything that their bodies, minds, and souls are capable of. The loose laws of Hedon and cultural acceptance inspires and rewards those who attempt to find more about themselves. Society in Hedon does not guide the individual, only the individual can guide themselves. Even the tourists who come to Hedon are encouraged to explore themselves and can sometimes find themselves converted just from the exploration of what they desire.

Enjoyment of Life

No matter the means of enjoyment, Hedon encourages everyone to pursue what makes them happy. As long as the rule of consent is followed, a person can do whatever their heart lusts for. Any habit or vice can be sated with little risk, mind-blowing sensations are little more than party favors.   This culture can be shocking to many unaccustomed, but for those who know what they want, it is a treasure trove.


Hedon as a whole is irreverent, placing Self as the highest god in the personal Pantheon. For that reason, Monoliths are regarded as the greatest divinity. Power which comes from the self, and which is earned through experiences, is the ultimate self-expression.   It is uncommon for Hedonites to put stead in God and other such high powers such as the Wheel or the Sovereign. This is due, in part, to their lack of Sovereign and their love of Desire—who herself stands in opposition to such concepts.   Desire is revered with the air of a prophet or an epitomical being: someone who all to aspire to be, Transcendance.


Sophont Diversity

Human 30%
Sazashi 35%
Verin 25%
Other 5%

Universal BDP

22% of Universal Product  

Military Spending

6.43% of Entire BDP  

Primary Languages

Ubiq 45%
Saza 28%
Aeai 12%
Edenic 10%
Other 5%
Political, Faction / Party
Alternative Names
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ranks & Titles
Organization Vehicles


For more info on each event, read the timeline at the bottom of the article.


The formation of the Apple of Hedonism was a reaction to the turmoil of the time. The founding of the Church of the Somnolent and the House of Sorrows seeded the circumstances from which Hedon sprouted.  

Invention of Sensate

In fearful reaction to the founding of so many Banners, Pact members turn to the comfort of a new peer-to-peer thought and sensation-sharing implant, Sensate. Unfortunately, this implant allowed the easy creation of quasi-hiveminds, which in turn lead to the creation of many Foci. Among them was Desire.  

The Rise of Desire

In the social void left by existentialist fears of the future and Sensate abuse, a Focus, Desire, grew from concept to become powerful force. She made allies in high places, laying the groundwork for plans to come.  

A Grand Heist

Seven well-known and well-regarded members from across the other Banners announced themselves as the Leisures of Desire and pledged their allegiance to Lady Desire. They departed their Banners, taking from them supplies that Desire called for; ships, weapons, information, and even entire organizations changed hands without warning, dealing a painful blow felt throughout the Banners. With a world, a fleet, and a population all their own, the sixth Banner had risen. The Apple of Hedonism was known by all.  


Imagine yourself in a place where you can do whatever your mind and pocket can conjure. No Laws but Consent. Drugs, Sex, Depravity, Nobility. It's all here for you in Hedon.
— Hedon Tourism Board
The relaxed approach to almost every aspect of life led to many banners losing their brightest minds to Hedon. Many companies, tired of red tape and regulation defected; individuals seeking a life free of restrictions bit into the Apple of Hedonism.   The numbers of the Hedonites grew so quickly that other Banners had no choice but to open trade and diplomatic relationships with Hedon. Those did not found themselves losing resource to Hedon anyway as Hedon’s nobility siphoned from them.  


During the Lacuna, Hedon’s Hierarchy of Nobility was shattered. Even the Leisures were not immune, and some wound up toppled, replaced, or killed during the Lacuna.   Dukes responsible for converting a world were left to fend for themselves—some maintained their standing on their worlds, others abandoned their cause to stay alive. More influential Hedonites used the disaster to start their conversions, using the fear and government turmoil to establish their power over their world.   Desire maintained control over her world and flagship, establishing a powerful core which remains central even to this day.  


The reopening of the Wayhalls was a blessing for Hedon, one that Desire took advantage of. She was one of the few entities who lived through the entire Lacuna, and has worked tirelessly to reconnect to her old contacts. Most separated Hedon entities have perished, some have conquered their worlds in the name of Desire. Hedon welcomes all back to her fold, expanding its numbers once more.   She has elected new Leisures and they new Dukes. Hedon whispers sweet nothings from the shadows of all reclaimed worlds, winning heart, minds, and power. It has taken only decades for Hedon to regain its former strength.

Faction Relations

Sorted from most favored to least
The Federation of Free Planets
The Fed are a delightful smorgasboard of cultures and technologies. Some love us, some hate us, some barely know our name, but they’re all different, and that’s exciting. Come to think of it, given that we both declared our independence from tyranny, they’re like our clean-shaven brother.
The Jupiter Syndicate
Syndies aren’t the most engaging conversation, but there’s one language they know wel,: money, and it’s hard to fault them for that. They may not always like us, but that’s never really gotten in the way of them giving us the things we need, and we try to not get in their way in return.
House of Sorrows
Hard to love, but hard to hate. They’ve never really gotten in our way, and they push their people to be good and to think for themselves. We can see ourselves in their shoes… which is, admittedly, a bit frightening, but they have clearly embraced the paths of pain, whereas we chose to carve pleasure from our lot.
The ValuSelu Pact
What crushing rule! The Pact may hold little hate for us, and is a great trade partner, but their rule of akjhe is a primitive and stifling one. The individual is cast aside, crushed into the mold of their race.   We know better. Hedonite Sazashi know better. Akjhe can complement what you are, but it does not decide who you are.
Church of the Somnolent
They hate us a lot more than we hate them. Perhaps they’re jealous, afraid of what they could become if they let their guard down. They live such strict, spartan lives even in a time when their concept of excess can be provided without hurting anyone.   We remain wary of them, for they will attack us when they can.
The Verin Haimarchy
The true enemy. If the Somnolent wasn’t so focused on wiping us out, he might realize what an asset we could be in tearing down the prime for of tyranny within Ethnis. What hubris to have race a race and to try and rob of free will, what arrogance that they have not changed, that they still clearly intend to rule the stars with no room for anyone but themselves   Your armies can tear mountains from their moorings, but we can tear their hearts from your chest.

RPG Content

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Live fast, die hard, and may the stars echo your name.
Live life your way or serve as slave of those who do.


Common Hedon upbringings

Enveloped Rose

You partake in the full range of Hedonistic activities. You drink the pleasures of life like most drink water. Taboos are not a concept to you, as long as the rule of consent is followed.  

Heart of Hedon

While not as enveloped in the world of sensations as a Rose, you do know the nature of the banner you are in. You enjoy pleasures on occasion, like a fine wine.  

Apple of Purity

Not being a pleasure seeker leaves you an outlier in Hedon. You were not raised to delve into debauchery, perhaps you were raised by a more conservative family. You use Hedon not for pleasure but instead for freedom.  

Banner Bonuses

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