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The Love Boat

The Love Boat is a Hedon Party Wayship that has permenantly docked over the Hedon district in the city of Kkrinth. The ship lands once a night and takes on a group of one hundred passengers for a night that many don't want to forget but sometimes do anyways.
Ah yes, looking up in the sky you can always see the Love Boat tugging along with its upbeat songs and rambuncous decorations. It is the jewel of the city, as much as the Banners wish it wasn't so.
— Kkrinth Guard

A Party Boat

When Kkrinth opened its gates to a Apple of Hedonism presence, they decided to bring down one of it's famous party ships to supply good times to the city. The Love Boat, about the size of two football fields, floats around the city during the day and comes down at night to pick up passengers. Getting on board requires a minimum payment which is managable for most tourists, but once on the boat, everything is free.  
Syndicate Tourist

A Boat of Many Colors

The Love Boat is a retrofitted frigate war-vessel, hollowed out on the inside to make room for a massive lounge, bar, and a series of suites reserved for guests for their nightly stay. The outside of the boat is painted with a series of holographic imagery, shifting and adapting to the climate, the city, and the time of day.  

A Polarizing Symbol

The Love Boat does not inspire love from the other Banners that have spaces within the city of Kkrinth. Some Banners have restrictions on their citizens visiting the boat, as they believe it to be a propaganda machine at best and a Hotel California at worse.

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No one really talks about what happens when they take off in the Love Boat. All I know is that they always leave with the smile like they just visited Xanadu.
— Kkrinth Guard
Owning Organization


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