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Madam Amore

Madam Amore is the mysterious owner of The Love Boat which floats above the city of Kkrinth. Most assume she is a Apple of Hedonism Baron, as for who she actually is, few know.

The Enigmatic Baron

Madam Amore is the owner of the Love Boat and the leader of Hedon forces on Kytheria. She acts in a matter different than most of her peers, the reason being that the Hedon presence on Kytheria is public instead of being hidden as a subculture as it is on most planets.

She maintains a secret identity aboard the Love Boat, serving as a normal crew member during the working hours of the ship. Only a few high-ranking Hedonites know what she looks like and where she is working on the ship.

Most assume she is working customer service in some fashion, using the social position to keep herself in the know of what is going on aroun the city.

You do not seek Madam Amore, if you are meant to speak with her, you will speak with her.
Love Boat Doorman

Arrival in Kkrinth

When the city of Kkrinth allowed each Banner to have a presence in the city, The Love Boat was second to arrive at the city gates, the floating city came at the behest of a Madam Amore, though she never met with city officials publicly, her ship was allowed to station itself within the city.

Since then, her vessel has become a sort of attraction to other Banners seeking to be a Hedonite for a day. An offer that most Banners can't get anywhere else.


Goals with Kkrinth

As with all Barons, Madam Amore's primary goal is to keep a strong Hedon presence on Kytheria through cultural strength and conversion.

She is known to be very good at her job, thanks to The Love Boats public apperance and inability for other Banners to shut her down.

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I think Amore just hit me up! She was working room service and it just had to be! Does this mean I'm like full Hedon now?
— Excited Tourist
Madam Amore has to be a tender, working drinks has to be the best way to get dirt and info.
— Federation Citizen

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