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Tue, Oct 3rd 2023 12:54


Tue, Oct 3rd 2023 01:37
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Sun, Oct 2nd 2022 03:08
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Sat, Sep 30th 2023 11:10

Welcome traveler! Take a seat, pour your favorite drink, and get comfy.

There are many adventures to depart on. Some are open for entrants, others are just for watching. So stay a while, peruse at your fancy, and when you are ready, roll up a character.


Mon, Oct 23rd 2023 05:31
An outer system under control of the Valuselu Pact. There are multiple colonization efforts underway, from arcology ships to seeded Nege Trees. Join the research crew in search for mysterious symbols in the never ending storms, or stake your claim in the wilds of Strashya.

Casual Games

Sat, Sep 30th 2023 11:15

Want to play in character but not deal with all the setup of a large campaign? Come and find a place to relax and invite others to join you in character. You can either use an existing room, or create a setting of your own!


Tue, Oct 3rd 2023 02:47
Location → Kytheria

Explore the world of Kytheria, an planet terraformed and settled by the Syndicate. The planet is under perpetual morning light, thanks to its quad-star system.

Come prowl a city ever growing and it surrounding nature, untamed and free. Dive into the pollenated depths of the Lōtos Karstway Basin. Stay for a while, and relax in the Theater city of Kkrinth!

Spokes of the Wheel

Tue, Oct 3rd 2023 03:03
We shall begin the spokening here. Enjoy a series of shorter campaigns run by Barron to test out the E.N.Core System over Forums.


Mon, Oct 23rd 2023 05:27
Yak'koli is a city of history, divisions, diversity, and unity. Though Yak'koli has no shortage of internal disputes alienating the upper city from the lower, the southerner from the northerner, and the laborer from the academic, its greatest divide is between the native and the foreigner.   Yak'koli is an oasis centered in many markets along many roads, It is an oasis inaccessible by any terrestrial means, and can only be reached from high above the land--via airship, or from far beneath it, via Undersea liner or by train. This isolation has necessitated a social unity between tel Yak'koli—the people of Yak'koli, who mostly live in its underground and resulted in a hostility towards the outsiders who visit via the skyport and spaceport of the upper city. The locals are cordial, though perhaps a bit too convinced of the wonder of their own city.
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