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The City of Kkrinth, commonly called Theater City, is the center of commerce and politics on the planet of Kytheria. It derives its name from its unique location in the center of a eroded coral circle. The city consists of a stack of teirs, each housing a unique Banner district, with a center 'theater' district taking the bottom of the crater.



Kkrinth was discovered during a mass prospecting by the Banners. The interesting design of the city and the safe location made it a prime spot for Banners to claim as a settlement site. It grew like wildfire, with each Banner staking a part of the city as their own.


Notable Districts

The Hedon Boat

A floating city all it's own, the Hedon boat is a Sunmetal powered vehicle that has parked above the Theater square. Many of the Banners worry about this flying vessel, as it can often convert their own pleasure-seeking citizens to Hedonistic ways.

Syndicate Square

Located on the bottom tier of the city, Syndicate Square handles much of the business end of the city. Trade and shared power between Banners is often organized in this well-kept district.

Somme Strip

A section that shares space with the Federation, the Somnolent strip provides places of worship for the The Church of The Somnolent.

Federation Tier

The Federation of Free Planets occupies most of the middle tier of the city, shared with Somnolent strip. This section of town contains a hodge-podge of businesses, recreation, and prospecting stations.

The Stage

The center of Kkrinth, the Stage is a massive smooth stone structure which hosts many of the towns events. Cultural shows occur every hour, held before the statue of Anthem that watches with pride. Many believe that the statue is judging, waiting for the perfect show to reveal a power beyond imagination.   The Stage district also hosts an open-air market, which hosts everything from off-planet merchants to local prospectors selling their finds.  

Space Port

The only functioning space-port on the planet. All planetary travel comes through this spaceport.
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