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Written by Ademal

Sunmetal is a pivotal material which kickstarted the construction of Meissner Antigravity technology. It was first found on Jhoutai and her rings , but is synthesized in modern times.


Sunmetal was discovered by Shejlt-Rajh forces when an asteroid full of it landed in the Greater Amujnalden Region during the Sazashi Revolution.   The then Grandmaster of Light, through Divination, noticed that energy and gravity warped oddly around the metal in the crater. He realized that, with proper configuration and electric charge, the metal generated anti-gravitational properties.  


Sunmetal became an arm of the Sazashi offense (and later the Valuser'ran military). At first they made crude vessels, essentially floating islands, but as the technology was further studied and refined they went on to make airships and other aircraft.  

Resource War

Sunmetal has been the lynchpin of many resource wars. Less so in modern times, when people know how to make Sunmetal on their own, but the original Sunmetal amount was highly sought after.   (Outlined in The Rings of Jhoutai.)

Modern Day

Now that sunmetal is understood, it is produced easily enough using noble metals. It is used in 25: Meissner Antigravity to generate the field, and is most commonly produced by the ValuSelu Pact and Federation of Free Planets


Other Names
Shameh-Tel-Rajh (Metal of the Sun)
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Uses of Sunmetal

Sunmetal is the basis of anti-gravitational technology, which has seen many uses throughout history.   It is used in Valuser'ran airships, which were naval vessels outfitted with Sunmetal plating to make them flight capable.


Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 22

Write about a material which is extracted, mined or quarried from the ground.

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