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Meissner Antigravity

Written by Ademal

Meissner Antigravity is a pivotal technology used to negate or generate the force of gravity. It does this by running a current through a lasagna of crystalline and metallic materials that generate a psuedo-gravitational force.



Meissner fields make spaceflight much easier by negating the need to massive boosters to achieve escape velocity. Negating the force of gravity means that much smaller, cheaper, and more efficient engines can be used to achieve lift for both domestic and intracosmic flight.


Meissner platforms are favored ways of moving large loads of cargo. From metal to buildings, meissner platforms allow a cargo to be floated several feet above ground and pushed around by hand. In some places, it's popular for roving stores to be built upon these platforms and moved city to city to follow the flow of economy.


The ability to generate or reduce gravitational force leads to a great many applications for deflection fields against ballistics as well as gravity reduction, increase, or deflection traps to send victims hurtling into the air or to crush them against the ground for easy execution.


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Meissner–Ochsenfeld effect

Meissner Antigrav is an extension of the Meissner–Ochsenfeld effect applied to negate or generate gravitational force rather than magnetic.   It requires the use of specific superconducting fields, which Sunmetal fortunately counts as when subjected to the right temperature and charged with enough energy.


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