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Meissner Trains

A common method of cargo and passenger transit

Meissner Trains are a storied and reliable mode of transportation. These Meissner Engine powered vehicles been around for millennia, and were first invented by the Sazashi before the era of expansion. Meissner Trains do have bogies, but their use is primarily for steering as the Meissner engine provides most of the thrust and suspension for the cars. The train can be outfitted to go over most terrain, but it most commonly used on powered rails to achieve maximum power and speed.  

Meissner Rails

Meissner Rails are two slabs of guiding rails with one center rail of hyper-conducive metal laid on a sturdy bed of ties. They are interspersed every other mile by energy repeaters to allow electricity to flow freely the entire length of the track. Most trains run on these tracks but they can be fitted to run separate of the tracks using specialized Bogies with all-terrain tires or treads. However without the electric support of the rails, they will be slower and drain engine-car batteries very quickly.  


Meissner Trains are modular cars that can be separated into several categories. Each car serves a utility purpose and can be attached or removed from an engine to provide whatever set up is required for the trains route. Meissner train cars are commonly stored in Meissner train depots and are manufactured by every Banner.  
Car Types

Engine Car

Known also as the Motive, it is the only necessary part of the train. The engine car contains a power cell and Meissner generator that powers its own drive as well as the drive of any attached car. It is not uncommon for more than one engine car to be placed on a train at a time. The more cars there are, the more engines are required to drive the vehicle at a stable pace.  

Freight Car

Moving cargo and supplies from location to location is the second purpose of the Meissner train, the powerful engines allow tons of goods to be shipped in an inexpensive and reliable network. They are a popular choice for secondary transit following space shipping.

Train depots are commonly found next to space docks, and take goods from space to wherever they need to go on the planet. Meissner freight cars can operate privately or use The Universal Serialized Shipping System.  

Power Car

Planets that have long train routes or don't have their infrastructure established yet can use a Power Car to store the energy needed to travel the greater distances. These trains often have alternate means to regenerate energy as well. Renewable sources such as solar and wind are mounted on the vehicles to fill the batteries.

Transit Car

Meissner Trains are a common mode of mass transit between locations that do not support major infrastructure. Many planetary governments use Meissner lines to connect major urban centers and run light rail within larger cities, so people are common cargo. Transit cars are modular constructs that can contain anything from cramped seating to luxury studio-sized living spaces.

These cars can also be outfitted to provide food or comfort to other passengers. Multi-day voyages often use a transit car for showers, gaming, and other short-term living purposes.  

Maintenance Car

Also known as the Caboose, the Maintenance car is another car dedicated to long or difficult routes. This car contains a workshop with many implements needed to do repairs and normal maintenance on the train as a whole. Most planets with infrastructure do not need this car as facilities are always within reach of the vehicle.  

War Car

The War Car, also known as the Fortesse, is a car that is specifically armed and armored to defend the rest of the train in dangerous situations. Often these are custom made cars to accept the munitions of the time and the banner, they can contain small sleeping quarters for the Fortesse operators and magazines and armories for weapons and crew.
Meissner Trains... First they were the veins of Jhoutai; now they are the veins of the universe. If anything or anyone needs to go over land, you can do it with a Meissner train, it's been that way for millennia!
Length (Per Car)
~40 ft

20 ft

Weight (Per Car)
~ 50,000 lbs

Universal Upgrades

  • Armor Plating
  • All-Terrain Drive-train
  • Extra Torque Engines
  • Power and Water Recycling
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