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Introduction to The Banners


Since the dawn of Kyzan many millennia ago, Ethnis has always had its major players. Over time, these groups have grown. Tribes have merged and became nations, which in turn merged into global unions, and then into Banners.

Each Banner holds a series of Values that they abide by. They also harbor dark secrets which protect them from their enemies. Most are headed by select individuals or an individual. All of them hold dozens of planets, trillions of citizens, and enough military power to send all of Ethnis back to square one.

How did they form?

All of the Banners have a different story for how they were formed, but all but one came from the century-long Bannercasting. The Verin Haimarchy came first, discovering the secrets of the Wayhall and sending themselves off to discover more worlds. Other factions formed to follow suit. The Sazashi of Jhoutai, long at eachother’s throats, banded together to form the ValuSelu Pact.

In joining together, the Pact abandoned Eden, leaving humanity to be splintered into the Church of the Somnolent and the Jupiter syndicate. Hedon picked apart the other fledging Banners, taking resources from all to carve out their own section of space. The Sorrows formed from rebellion against the Pact, they are but a ghost amongst the rest, holding their followers close until they see their chance to rise. With five new powers vying for control, the Bannercasting ended.

No new Banners came to be until the end of the Lacuna, an event that left thousands of planets stranded. The Federation of Free Planets rose from the ashes of planets seeking their own freedom. They flaunt their optimism to the world in a message contagious enough to solidify themselves as the final Banner.

The Banners

The Apple of Hedonism

Sculpted from debauchery and desire, honed by passion and persistence. The Apple of Hedonism, Hedon for short, rose during the final stage of the The Bannercasting. They have only one law: the Law of Consent. Follow the Law of Consent, and you can do whatever your soul, mind, or heart craves.   Hedon is the cultural powerhouse of Ethnis. No matter where you find yourself a Hedonist is always close by, waiting to convert minds yearning for pleasure. Parties, ranging from lewd heart-thumping raves to chaste and tantalizing banquets, are hosted on any world on every night. Morals and regulations are cast aside in a place where the best and worst of Sophontic life is on display.   They are led by the mysterious Desire, her seven Leisures, and a cabal of Dukes operating in every corner of known space.
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The Church of The Somnolent

The Church of the Somnolent was formed from a oppressed humanity. For generations they were ruled over by the nations which became the The ValuSelu Pact, and in the end they did not take their home back, they were given it back—they were discarded when they were no longer any use.   A phoenix arose from the ashes of a world ruled by another planet. It was a creature of vegeant flame, not just on a warpath but defiant on all fronts. It had something to prove, a point to make. Humanity would not be so easily forgotten. No, humanity would come to rule the stars.   There is a fire burning in the heart of all Dreamers, some more fierce than others. They pray to their Sovereign, who brought Humanity its own element, Astral. They use these unique powers and their pride as a race to tear across the stars, claiming it all for the glory of Humanity.
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The Jupiter Syndicate

The abandonment of the Pact and the Church of the Somnolent’s unification of Eden was divisive for those who profited on the status quo. Companies built on the relationship between Sophonts were placed on notice: change their dealings or face the Somnolent’s wrath. Not ready to surrender what made them operate, companies uprooted en-masse in mere weeks, relocating temporarily to the Moons of Jupiter.   These companies banded together under the name of the Jupiter Syndicate and, with the help of their trade partners from the Pact and Haimarchy, managed to acquire the index for the Wayhall. It was at the other end of the wayhall that they found their new home, Victoriana. Companies claimed entire planets; government and business became a singular entity. Life is your Job, and your Job is your life.   They are lead by The Directoriate, a collective of company elite. They embody the Syndicate’s epitome of efficiency, always seeking the newest innovations and better profits.
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The ValuSelu Pact

The ValuSelu Pact is the outcome of millenia of turmoil. The various Sazashi Kinds were engineered by the Verin with a purpose in their mind, this genetic difference led to each Kind necessitating different governments with different ideals and systems to support their unique physiological and psychological programming, their Akjhe.   The ValuSelu Pact grew from the fear that, divided, the nations within would surely fall. This new Banner empowered its citizens to fulfill their Akjhe by assigning them roles based on it. Points of contention between the nations and Kinds instead became points of assignment. Like a puzzle coming together, the Sazashi each fit into their place and created a single powerful force.   They expanded like wildfire from their homeworld of Jhoutai; settling new planets with the comfort that the Pact protects the Pact. It was an age of fresh purpose for them, a brighter future than ever.
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The Verin Haimarchy

The first and foremost, at least by its own word. Even ignoring a history spanning back thousands of years to the Ancient Haimarchy, the Haimarchy of today is the eldest Banner. Their steps have always been carefully measured, and their explosion into the intergalactic age was no exception.   The modern Haimarchy rose from the ashes of a fallen empire. After the Sazashi revolution that toppled their government, their economy, and their identity they receded to their home continent to lick their wounds, and there fell into repeated wars with themselves and failed gambits to take back the mainland.   After discovering the Index to the second side of the Jhoutai WayPoint, the Haimarchy slowly built itself towards a common goal once more, uniting the heads of the Houses into a single force with a single goal. With careful motions and measures they gathered their forces and resources, and when the moment was right, revealed themselves.   The rest of the world had been expecting the Verin to be building up for an attack. Instead they were left scrabbling in their wake to keep up.   The Haimarchy might be slow, but it knows how to set a trend. Thus is how it always goes with them. Their grace is unmatched, their foresight incredible. They've made every mistake to come this far, and so are ahead of the curve of their contemporaries.
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House of Sorrows

The House of Sorrows never had a heydey, they fell before they could even get to their feet. Time and time again they have been beaten down, punished severely for their actions and twice-so for actions blamed on them. They grew from the followers of The Harrowing when it failed in its attempt to assassinate the Pantheons of the The ValuSelu Pact and the The Verin Haimarchy.   The Harrowing fell, and the Sorrows rose shortly after. One half cult, one half the clandestine operations of the loyal servants and guard of the Harrowing, the Sorrows carried on their lips the word of Brood Blood-Kyn, the head of the Harrowing. They formed Families—sects who carried the spirit and the goal of the The Harrowing: to topple the influence of those Gods and kings who put themselves before the people.   They rose in the shadows, unaware of snakes in their midst—The Apple of Hedonism had converted some of their number and were using their channels to organize. When at last Hedon launched its great heist the Sorrows caught the brunt of the blame, and the organization was beheaded.   The House of Sorrows has risen and fallen many times. There is a clear and vested interest from the other banners in keeping them down, but they refuse to be trampled.
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The Free Planet Federation

The Lacuna broke uncountable bridges, metaphorically and literally. Planets were left to fend for themselves, separated from their Banners for centuries. Many sank, but a few lucky, determined planets survived. They became their own entities.   When the Lacuna came to an end the Banners came to claim their holdings back. A select few planets decided that they were doing a better job at leading their planet than any Banner could. These planets; Perduro, Distra, and Nouvelle Planete Bordeaux, knew they had to stick together to fend for themselves. With freedom on the line, and the recently defected Archive at their back, they established the Federation of Free Planets.   They stand for individual freedoms and laissez-faire governance. They welcome all planets to the fold, holding firm through their shared ideals. They have a powerful message: live how you want and support others who do. The message works well, and this new player has taken its place amongst the Banners.
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The Bannercasting

The Bannercasting is the name for the period of years in which the majority of the Banners were formed. Though each has its ancestry and existed in some form or another before this point, this is considered the time of inception for their modern states.

The Bannercasting happened at a time of relative, if strained, peace and prosperity, where the nations of Ethnis were beginning to look to the stars in earnest.

It began with the determination that the Jhoutai WayHall must have two sides. One side lead to Via Lactea's Sol WayHall, but the other was a dark pool of void. On the lit side, at the top of the ring, a shining chromatic sphere floated behind some arcane shielding, but the same slot on the other side was empty.

The Bannercasting began in the year X by Calendar Standards, which is Y in the reader's standards.

The Last Step of the Procession
The Final Sovereign of the Procession dies in a fight with Cannibal.
The Harrowing
Brood leads an attack on Aempis.
Republication of Aempis
Aempis becomes a republic
Formation of The ValuSelu Pact
Discovery of the Index
Formation of the Vanthric Haimarchy
The Haimarchy Leaves
On their way to Ava

Lacuna Begins

Formation of the Federation

Reclamation Begins

Modern Times

The Bannercasting
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The history of the formation of the Banners

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