Jhoutai WayPoint

Written by Ademal

An armada holds the line, studding a spherical shell which encompasses the WayPoint save openings on either end to allow its connection to the other WayPoints. Within the shell is industry—spires reaching inwards from the shell wall like crystals in a geode, bustling with life and business and trade. People come from all over The Hub to trade at the many bazaars lurking in that little bubble.   As you can imagine, the security measures are hell.
  The Jhoutai WayPoint is a WayHall WayPoint situated at the L3 Lagrange Point of Jhoutai and its star, Rajh.   It links the Eden WayPoint and the (Verin Placeholder) WayPoint, and is heavily guarded due to the hostility of its neighbors. Despite the tight control over the WayPoint, the The ValuSelu Pact has an agreement with the other Banners to allow limited and controlled passage through it.

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Alternative Names
The Eye of Rajh
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Sage Happy4488
Matthieu A.
11 Dec, 2018 11:04

I can't help but try to imagine what these look like in the inside. How the different quarters are organized, what mood they have... Is everything super modern and made of metal, or can we still find cloth and carpets inside these stations ?   Places like this are probably my favorites in futuristic worlds :) I'd love to read an article about that!

11 Dec, 2018 15:40

Then I shall have to write it!

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