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Council City

The Council City serves as the political and diplomatic captial of The ValuSelu Pact. It hosts each of the leaders of the seperate Sazashi Nations but only during sessions where political matters need to be discussed during a moot. Else the leaders are located at their own individual nations.
Seeing the Council City as it floats above the world itself is a humbling sight. It's a testament to what the Sazashi can accomplish when they turn their attention to unity rather that disparity.
— Human Tourist

A Floating Kingdom

The Council City is built using Sunmetal as its base, allowing it to float above the landscape of its own accord. The grand city is several kilometers wide, and hosts everything that any city could need; fresh food, water, lavish quarters, and envoys from each Sazashi Nation.  


The Citadel is a large central structure that hosts the quarterly Moots. The structure is a grand merging of architecture crafted by the most legendary of Helyk architects. The building is designed to inspire confidence in those who stand with The Pact
The City
Surrounding the Citadel is a collection of businesses and high-end residences. Most of these locations are reserved for the most prominent of Valuselu society. CEOs, military leaders, and political envoys.

The Moot

The primary purpose of the Council City is to act as a Neutral host to all Sazashi Nations. The monthly moots are hosted within its center tower, where all leaders discuss matters of a Banner-wide importance.   Before each Moot, the city will travel between Sazashi Nations, allowing each nation to play host to all of the Sazashi leaders. This is used to promote the idea of Unity between Sazashi, especially when combined with the Mootfeast.

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I'd compare the Council City to a sort of Olympics-like event. It travels from place to place, acting a symbol of togetherness to a people who just a few hundred years back were locked in constant struggle with eachother. It's inspiring really.
— Human Tourist
Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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