Debuk'kwah's Sepulchre

Debuk'kwah's Sepulchre is a pilgrimage made by few—Jhoutaioan, historians, martial artists, and Scir'ra practicioners, and sometimes Ral-Mi or Hiserabi feeling the draw of their heritage.

Located in the Shiel Tel-Negeni region of Nege-Tai, the Sepulchre is a statue carved into the side of a mountainous pillar reef. It stands vigil over a mist-wrapped bay, moaning and exhaling geysers of mist whenever the tide comes in.

It depicts the bust of the Monolith Debuk'kwah, one of the first Hiserabi and a religious guide to Nege-Tai for thousands of years. He was the creator of Scir'ra. His death at the hands of Crescendo during The Harrowing—atop the very same mountain into which his Sepulchre iscarved—is one of the events which mark the dawn of the Bannercasting.

The Temple

The only way into the Sepulchre is through the temple entrace on the back of its neck. To reach it, you must scale the dangerous, winding path up the backside of the mountain, surviving perilous hurdles and tests to reach its peak. All are welcome to ask questions, but those who want answers will have to gain the favor of the monks along the way. They will fight you, but they will spare your life; be certain to spare theirs if you're so fortunate as to have the opportunity.

If you're a tourist, stick to the bay. Rent a kayak for a day and try to not get pulled under by glourigs.

Other Ways In

The mist must come from somewhere. There are said to be many alternate paths into the Sepulchre though you're not going to find them written down anywhere. Either nobody gives them creedence, or nobody cares.

Locals share rumors of safe paths through the sea caves at the base of the pillar reef—corralums weaving through the korum and up into the sepulchre, by which the monks maintain the structure. This theory is supported by the plumes of mist which flow from the statue whenever the tide comes in.

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