The Anzon

The Anzon is the geographic region encompassing the southern pole of Jhoutai. Few countries have even bothered to try and stake claim over it, and of those that have, fewer have made any effort to enforce that claim.

Only the Malisyk have ever kept a hold of it, and the Eiuka after them, after them, all of the Anzon citadels were mostly abandoned, save for some that were maintained as science outposts.

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This cold-blasted hellscape begs the descriptor of 'uninhabitable', but it's habited. We're not allowed near the shore, due to the prevalence of Malisyk citadels. I have no idea how they eek an existence out of this place, let alone maintain colonies.

Adventine Yosef Riskov
1st Mar'rianiyan Envoy, 2224 ES


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