Anzon's Crown

Anzon's crown is an empty ruin buried under years of snow. It began as a southern base of operations for the Malisyk, then the Eiuka, before being bombed by Aempis in the Rilaemshi War.

During the Cleansing of the Territories, the crown was used as a supply depot and jumping-off point for some expeditions.

There were two routes up into The Crown.

The first was by the main road, a zig-zagging wau up the tail and over the back of the mountain, with many gates and chokepoints along the way. Accounting for docking, unloading, reloading, and navigating up the trails, that was almost a full day's worth of daylight.

The other way, which Anzon was proud about, was a series of kinetic ladders dotted up the cliffside. He placed his hand on a plaque set into the foot of the cliff, and pulsed a simple spell into it. Within an instant he felt himself lifted by unseen hands and shot upwards, carried up and around the formations until he was standing on another ledge with several more, including one with a question.

To be Malisyk is to have the urge to consume until the shell is hollow, the plaque read. What do we consume the most?

Anzon placed his hand on the option for the self, and again shot upwards. One wrong answer and he'd be diverted inwards into downwards-angled narrow tunnels too small to even crouch in. He would be stuck there until someone salvaged him. During a siege, they could all be changed to carry someone up to the top of the cliff before shooting them out over the ice at breakneck speeds.

He reached the top in just a few minutes and looked down, he could barely even spot them from up here, same as down on the ice.

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18720: The Crown is built by Malisyk leader Anzon Urz-Shok'kaizo establishing Anzon as a Malisyk territory.

18988: Cortica, in an effort to weaken Sathiid control, sieges and takes Anzon's Crown.

19468: Eiuka brokers with Cortica, using Aempian money, to take over Anzon's Crown.

19630: Aempis bombs the Crown, ending its influence.

19599: The Crown sees brief, intermittent use as an exploration basecamp.

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10 Dec, 2020 07:23

Sounds like a nice place

Eternal Deity Ademal
Ademal Jacklyn
10 Dec, 2020 08:18

Fun for the whole family! Everyone can gamble on the kinetic ladder and hope the spikes aren't active!


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10 Dec, 2020 09:07

What's the prize if you win?

Eternal Deity Ademal
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10 Dec, 2020 17:51

Well in modern times I'm thinking there's a sort of ad hoc museum at the top of it. People who have come here before you leave mementos behind, and sometimes there's memorials of those who died in the expeditions that left off from it.   Aside from that, you get a creepy giant citadel to explore. It's hard to convey the size by picture alone, but since Sazashi buildings often extend underground, a lot of the mountains insides were once livable, so it's a ghost city that used to house tens of thousands of people.


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Omg I honestly love that, tbh

10 Dec, 2020 12:02

Oh, It's like magic elevators that quiz you! I love it

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
11 Dec, 2020 14:46

I love the idea of the kinetic ladders, but I don't think I'd trust myself to get all the answers right. XD I like the detail that during a siege they'll just catapult people away.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
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31 Dec, 2020 21:54

Ethnis Travelguide Year 21375 lists it as one of the more entertaining ways to die.


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