A culture of cannibalism

Obsessed with chaos, blood, feud, death and intrigue , proud of the fact and unnervingly cannibalistic, the Malisyk are the staple of horror stories to be told on cold, cloudless nights. Fear is not the greatest weapon of this culture of assassins, but it runs a close second.  

Architectural Style


Marble, obsidian and granite formed the basis of Malisyk architecture, with a predilection towards vaulted chambers and carefully hewn facades. The general feel was that one was within a tomb, an apt appraisal given the fact that the walls tend to be filled with alcoves inhabited by the mummified corpses of fallen Malisyk.


Light is provided in the form of spell lanterns mounted on the walls. Most Malisyk cities were built before the invention of many amenities, and so their floors are raised gratings over a crawl space of pipes for water, electricity and waste. Often this space was hidden by wooden paneling covered with rugs.


As with most Sazashi cultures, smell was something oft considered. There are many places where incense, scented vapors and aroma wafers are places: whether it’s the pipes which run throughout their keeps, wisping up from the skulls of disgraced Nasyk or defeated enemies, or burning alongside torches, the Malisyk take steps to ensure their keeps can be navigated by smell alone.

Room and Board

Though Malisyk were a private, suspicious peoples, privacy was a luxury most did not have. Families tended to share small rooms within their subterranean cities, minute 2 or 3 room abodes wherein each room was about 3x3x3m so that their body heat could serve for warmth. They slept in cubbies recessed in the walls, and when they died their remains and objects of intrinsic value were interred in the cubby.


The rooms that are inhabited are almost always full of religious fetishes: bound skulls and skeletons, art works of bone, vials of blood, weapons of slain foes, tapestries of conquests and appropriate alters dedicated to those the Malisyk worship. As previously stated, most rooms double as tombs; even libraries full of the biographies of the lives of the dead and the sparring rooms are not exempt of this fact.

Future Planning

Solid Psiolic would work together to build entire wings of a city ahead of time, then would seal it off with a thin shell of stone and mark it with a description of what lay beyond for future generations to open.


The vaults are the place where riches are kept stored and where the damned are entombed alive in urns. It is heavily protected by traps and, when available, the undead.


Shared customary codes and values

Every Malisyk is a warrior before anything else. This is instilled in them at birth. Children are encouraged to kill and eat their rivals rather than being discarded at birth. This way even the most monstrous can become leaders.   Any other task, from cooking to engineering, is either learned in one's free time or done by slaves. Slaves are generally not trusted with the preparation of food, or any occupation where they can harm Malisyk by subterfuge.

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The Malisyk are defunct in modern times.
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