Malisyk Cult

The Assassins colder than the ice they live in.

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The Malisyk were a kingdom of Nasyk who brought terror to the northern continents of Jhoutai. Their practices of rampant murder and cannibalism spread on the wind until the entire world feared their exploits. It took the efforts of the most powerful people amongst the Sazashi to finally bring this centuries-long kingdom to its demise.


The Sazashi Revolution

The origin of the religion dates back to the Sazashi revolution against the Verin. The Nasyk, a little thought of race even among Sazashi, charged themselves with protecting the Northern Passes against retreating Verin soldiers. Supplies were meager at best, not enough for the forces of the Nasyk. At the time their commander was Khytask, supposedly the first Nasyk created by the Verin.

The Christening of the Malisyk

When an army of Verin finally did come, the Nasyk set upon them in a fury bestowed by starvation, intent on raiding their rations when they had defeated them in battle. They found that the other army was running as bare as themselves, meaning that the Nasyk had wasted all their strength to defeat an enemy with no food. Infuriated, broken and demoralized, Khytask entered a blind trance and started consuming the slain, encouraging his men to follow suit. Once sated, feeling somewhat unsure about their actions, the Nasyk released the prisoners of war, whom only served to pass on the news of the travesty. The Nasyk were stuck with the title of Malisyk by the Verin, a mark of shame they turned into a mark of pride, just as they had with the word 'Syk'. With it they adopted cannibalism to spite the world for all the hatred they had received for the action.

The Valuser'rh Era

After the war, the Malisyk were mostly forgotten, cloaked within their own solitude. The only group which frequently and openly spoke of them were the Faecha, who became a constant victim of their attacks but were stuck to the same cold reaches as the Malisyk. They farmed up their dark reputation with the Faecha and sent out the occasional team of assassins to quash any Verin revivalist movement.   During this time the Malisyk also spread word through private channels that they're available to bring down nightmares upon anyone's enemy. The Rajhshi become frequent targets thanks to the deep pockets of Srida and the other Aempian Merchmasters, but they never receive repercussions because nobody can find the origin of the Malisyk.   The economic clout of Aempis was so great that they were able to buy the loyalty of several of the Malisyk, causing them to default to the ranks of the Jhoutigari to train a new group of assassins altogether, combining the methodology of the Malisyk with the natural tactical inclinations of the Aen.  

The Malisyk Schism

Encouraged by how easily some of the Malisyk are bought off by Aempis, a schism forms among the cult. Some have begun to shed the Malisyk ideals, tiring of cannibalism, tradition, and isolation and seeking to repent for the actions they've made. They coined a new word in Saza, a term which means counteraction, repentance, moderation, and self-denial. This new group, the Euika, splits off from the Malisyk, lead by Master Shame-Face (Idraeda Eiu De'al).   Malisyk considered the actions of their then master to be quite fitting, for he became the embodiment of the split. He shed his body and thusly his weakness, becoming known as the Focus of Murder. The body Murder shedded was Master Shame Face, meaning that the two groups are essentially lead by the same person. To combat Murder, Idraeda creates the weapon which becomes his namesake, a long, thin spike called De'al, meaning Sunrise. As a counter-measure, Murder creates De'at, Sunset. The Idraeda part of Idraeda's name is bestowed when he fights Murder and is stabbed repeatedly in the face. He only manages to save himself with De'al, and from that day forward comes to realize that he gave his combat skills to Murder.   In a twist, Aempis one-ups everyone by robbing from the Eiuka and the Malisyk. Master Nightshade of Aempis absconds with De'al and De'at, making himself known as one of the greatest thieves of all time. Master Nightshade, who stole Sunrise and Sunset from Murder and the Faceless one. The weapons are still in Aempis' possession today.  

The Fall of the Malisyk

With their prized weapons gone, and the Malisyk still struggling with the schism, many of their previously oppressed found it time to revolt. The Faecha rose up from their villages, sending the most powerful of their fighters to combat the Malisyk. With the financial backing from Aempis, the Faecha and their allies were well armed and prepared to penetrate deep into Malisyk Territories, killing leaders and eliminating strongholds one by one.   The Foci of Murder was found dead two years into the offensive, leaderless and desperate, the rest of the Malisyk resistance began to split off and hide. The war was declared over a week later, and the reputation of the Malisyk only carried on the whispers of small cults of Nasyk who still practiced the old ways. The following centuries consisted of the Euika hunting down any subsects of Malisyk that popped up, but they were no longer the fearsome kingdom they used to be.

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