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I dwell in the womb of Faur'ridar'ru. The frozen crags are my perch, the jagged stone my fangs. I am a Nasyk, I am a hunter.

— Nasyk Recon Mountaineer

Nasyk are one of the hardiest races of Sazashi. The Verin created Nasyk with the sole purpose of surviving on the harsh mainland of Jhoutai. Engineered with metabolic control and superb immune systems, they survived and grew where most other races would succumb to slow and painful deaths.

While Nasyk are no more or less vicious than any of the other Sazashi, they are stricken with a fearsome reputation as cannibals and murderers. This comes from their sordid and bloody history dating all the way back to their inception. This social curse only was reinforced by the perpetuation of the Malisyk cult, an oft wicked and unnerving sect which believed that by consuming the flesh of their foes they will gain their strength.

Nasyk are most often described as Calculating, Introverted, Intuitive, Detached, Rugged, and Apathetic.



Nasyk have angular bodies, sharp upright ears, and gaunt facial features. They have both an uppercoat and undercoat of fur covering their entire body, making them well-suited to keep their heat in cold weather. The multiple coats and furs mean that look broader than they actually are.

The Nasyk musculature is sinewy. Compared to other Sazashi, Nasyk have wider feet and a much longer tail help them navigate the snow and keep balance.

Seeing a Naysk pop up from the snow tunnels was a scary sight. You'd only see the tops of their ears. They knew you were there.

You just never knew how many were watching.

— Hired Malisyk Hunter


Nasyk eye colors range golds, reds, and browns. Their irises have black freckling and darkened edges, making them particularly striking in the light.

Intense • Calculating • Distant • Predatory



Nasyk fur is variegations of light and dark patterned together in streaks and spots, with slight cream highlights. When they have an undercoat it's thick.

Dense • Fluffy • Camouflaging



Nasyk have a long, skinny tail with a large brush fan at the tip they often use to hide their tracks.


Nasyk claws are needle shaped and straight, with a slight curve at the tip. They are retractable.



Racial Abilities

Trait : Sazashi

 Nasyk claws are sharp along their inner edge, and have a shape similar to a suture needle with a straight length and a curve inwards near the end. They are retractable.   Nasyk have more pronounced fangs than most Sazashi which grants the Nasyk a wicked smile.

  Nasyk abilties are focused on survival in the most tumultuous and punishing circumstances. What might be perilous to others, can become normal for the Nasyk.
Engineered Metabolism

 Nasyk were created to survive in harsh conditions. With an optimized musculature and digestive track, they can survive on less food for longer durations. Their muscles produce very little lactic acid, allowing them to travel great distances.

Mental Controls

 Nasyk are able to control the activity of their own brains. They can completely shut themselves down to instant REM states, or keep themselves alert enough to respond to threats while still getting benefits of sleep.


Brief History

Nasyk history is strife with dark cults and steadfast isolationism. Ever since their inception by the Verin, they continued to thrive where the other Sazashi could not. Throughout history, they had little reason to reach out to other Sazashi. This isolationism combined with a dark cannibalistic sect of Nasyk continues to mar their race even to the banner era.

Despite the stereotypes, many Nasyk in the Banner Era pursue new ventures to conquer. In the age of planetary expansion, a race that can handle extreme conditions fits well for exploration.


Common Culture

Nasyk Culture is rooted in staunch tribalism. There is very little that is private but there is also very little that is boasted about. Due to their tribalism, they have a relatively low populace in other banners.

What they do brag about is their survivability. It is their lifestyle to live in conditions other races might feel are harsh. This makes them very proficient in the colonization industry. Many Habitat crews will find Nasyk amongst their ranks, proud to serve their purpose living where no one has lived before.

Nasyk have a dark history with their culture, thanks primarily to the Malisyk. While they are as a whole more friendly in the present day, other Sophont can find old wounds hard to heal. Nasyk are often wary of outsiders because of the stigma surrounding themselves.


Where others wither, I will thrive.

— Nasyk Akjhe
The staple of Nasyk drive to survive is their Akjhe. This influences their decision, and they may seek out more dangerous conditions just to prove they can survive them. Nasyk can easily burn themselves out seeking tumultuous situations, getting themselves or even their party into trouble.  


Nasyk take pleasure in finding situations which test their abilities to survive. Bitter cold, unsettled jungles, and dangerous ruins are perfect situations for a Nasyk. Many Nasyk will join parties just for the thrill of surviving.


If they aren't surviving, they are finding reasons to better themselves at their pursuits. They may take on unnecessary risks or challenges to prove to themselves that they can accomplish them.


Naming Conventions

Except in places where they've adopted other local customs, Nasyk tend to have long names which reflect their given name, philosophical leaning, family, and home.
  • Surname Philosophy-Family Tel Planet
  • Kazuanar Eiu-Rhazhik Tel Jhoutai
  • Salshiar Mali Kendrac
  • Kazuanar Eiuka Rhazhik
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
Many Nasyk have a middle name to denote the prophet or philosopher they follow. Historically, this has its roots in religious and political division, but in modern times has broadened to refer to anyone's personal hero.          

Ethnis Lite Sophont

Nasyk are playable in Ethnis Lite! Supporters of Ethnis see RPG info on this page!

Common Banners
ValuSelu Pact
Uncommon Banners
The Jupiter Syndicate
Church of The Somnolent
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Related Ethnicities
Height Range
5'9" to 6'3"
175-190 cm
Weight Distribution
Common Nasyk upbringings

While the Malisyk have long disbanded, you are part of a sect of Nasyk who wish for the old ways to return. You work in the shadows, practicing millennia-old rituals of cannibalism and isolation.

Glacial Assasians

While the Neo-Malisyk still clings to the ways of the old, the Glacial Assassins have evolved from them. You are part of an organized group of assassins for hire working for the highest bidder. You are known to be ruthless, efficient, and silent.


In counter to the Malisyk Cultists, you strive to counteract the dark history of your race and provide reparations to those your ancestors may have victimized.

Reaching Arm

You are part of a tribe who have chosen to make a positive name for their race. You embrace your Akjhe as a survivor and focus on settling new worlds. You often hire yourself into Habitat missions of all banners.

In Game

Playing a Nasyk

Playing as a Nasyk involves playing a fighter or survivor of the group. You might be standoffish, but you deliver when its required. Think about interesting ways that your character can be introverted.


Nasyk NPCs are great an understanding what it takes to survive an environment, be it physical or social challenges.

  Nasyk are known to be survivors, so perilous locations may be full of Nasyk seeking ways to survive and thrive.

Nasyk make fantastic guides for the party, they are usually willing offer their services for a price though they may not be big talkers while they work.

A Nasyk can bring a lethal marksman to the party, sniper cover can be a fantastic support role for them!


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Mar 20, 2018 21:25 by Dave X

The Nasyk sound like an intriguing race! Due to the cramped nature of their cities, do many of them desire to move out or is cramped their comfortable?

Mar 20, 2018 21:30 by Barron

Their cramped quarters are part of their nature and culture. They are often happy among their own kind, but that doesn't stop many from traveling the stars looking for new situations to survive in.   Though Ademal and I joked that you might find your crew's Nasyk sleeping in the pantry, not to steal food, but just to have a cramped quarters to remind them of home.

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