The Sazashi are one of the primary Sophont of Ethnis. Through a process called Therianthropy the Ancient Haimarchy created a hybrid species of Sazakraht and Verin called the Sazashi.

The Verin created many Kinds of Sazashi, each with a specific desire programmed into their minds. They were subjected to thousands of years of systemic servitude, and denied even the most basic rights.

Eventually, the Sazashi brought a reckoning upon the Ancient Haimarchy, and it was reduced to rubble. Though this revolution is ancient history, it's rare to find a Sazashi who does draw pride and fierce individualism from their history.

The Sazashi are the youngest Sophont, but you wouldn’t guess it by looking at what they have accomplished. When they can stop infighting they prove to be highly productive and driven as a people, surmounting each obstacle placed before them. To call them a force of nature is to deny their strength. The beast whose metal they were cast from, the sazakraht, is a force of nature—the Sazashi are them engineered to greater aspirations. The Verin made them by merging their genetics with the sazakraht via a process known as therianthropy.   They take pride in their revolution from their creators, a fact which shows in all aspects of their fierce independence, but they cannot turn their backs (nor do they wish to) on the natures the Verin coded into them. Each and every race of Sazashi was built for a purpose that’s evident not only in the construction of their bodies, but in the shape of their minds. They call this calling their Akjhe (aw-hay). Though it was planted by the Verin, they are proud of it, and see it as part of what makes them a step up from the Verin. For while others may search their whole lives for meaning, the Sazashi are born feeling theirs.

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Related Myths
Parent Species Sazakraht, Verin


The Sighre were made first by uplifting Sazakraht and using Genestruction to manipulate them into being larger. Early versions were difficult to control, but soon the Verin were able to rig the Sazakraht cubs to be fiercely social and to release Akjhe-laced dopamine in response to positive social interactions, and began raising the Sighre cubs without their siblings so that they would bond exclusively to their handlers.

From there, the Verin developed a method of using divination to parse their souls and, just as how the soul can mutate the body under the effects of Selschaeus, use the creature's soul to modify themselves, thus proving that a soul has encoded physical state into it and can be put into the proper circumstances to enforce that state. This also applies to ███

Using this method, Alephus Ashiman became the first Chea-Sazaskraht hybrid, and invented Therianthropy.

Alephus' mind was broken, compressed into a Sighre to keep him silent. Eventually Aen found that Alephus was imprisoned in the Sighre guardian of the current Sovereign. Euphraesthi helped to free him.


As the threads and conspiracies of the Ancient Haimarchy came to the light, the people lost faith in them. Many were unable to see Sazashi as not being related to themselves, and so rose to stand for their rights. Others who had reserved a distaste for the slavery of Sazashi found their voiceamong the crowd, and joined as well.

Genocides Untold

For every Kind which still lives, there were a handful of derived siblings, tens of other Kinds entirely, and dozens of earlier 'editions'

The exact numbers of lost Sazashi is unknown, and changes depending on which sources and on what rubic the metrics are measured against.

The consensus is that the number of lives lost in the systemic creation, exploitation, and destruction of the Sazashi make it one of the greatest tragedies of all time.

Research and backups of some of the original Sazashi surface from time to time. The ValuSelu Pact is often quick to hunt them down and acquire them by any means, but there are rumors of some with uncertain fates in the hands of private collectors.





Akjhe is the mental need and response programmed into the Sazashi to control them. It is a powerful drive, often surpassing even sexual or survival instinct. It is not nuanced as to equate to mind-control, but instead conditions the Sazashi via a transient highs triggered by fulfilling their Akjhe.


The need of a Sazashi to fulfill their akjhe is as much of a biological imperative as hunger or sexual impulse. Most Sazashi organize their lives to sate their akjhe daily, and it is an important part of their relationship selection.


If a Sazashi cannot fulfill their akjhe for an extended period of time they will become agitated, and act according to their Akjhe. For example: Aen may hyperfixate on organizing their space; Ral-Mi may become codependant and clingy; a Parisan may hole up somewhere or develop agoraphobic behaviors.


Whenever a Sazashi fulfills their akjhe they feel a stimulating rush. For many, fulfilling their akjhe can be as satisfying as a feast or sex.

As a Sazashi, there's a constant internal battle we all face. We were built for servitude, physically designed for certain tasks and neurologically conditioned to excell at those tasks and take pleasure in them.

Is it submission to do these things because we enjoy them? Should we deny ourselves these things, just to spite the tyrannical natures of the Verin Haimarchy? Should every Kajh be an artist because she was built for manual labor, and should every Helyk avoid the arts for the same reason?

Or do we each stake our own paths as induviduals, and decide for ourselves who we are—whether that coincides with our 'purpose' or not.

If we live blindly by it, we allow it to control us. If we do the opposite of it to spite it, then we have again allowed it to control us.

All we can do is live as ourselves, and decide day by day what that means.

Agonists & Antagonists

For as long as the Sazashi have lived independant of the tyranny of the Ancient Haimarchy, they have debated the effect of their Akjhe on their agency. Some decide their their life is their choice, regardless of the presence of Akjhe, while others seek to suppress their Akjhe to discover the person who is left behind.

The extreme ends of these stances tend to partake in Akjhe Agonists and Antagonists


Some Sazashi see their Akjhe as things which give them a powerful edge, or which have their dark history but are not to just be erased. Instead, they take drugs, such as Purpose Flower, to intensify the urges of their Akjhe, and so to become, by their standards, "more Sazashi" than ever before.

In trying to create servants, the Verin made the next step of evolution. We were made to excel in labor, in the arts, in history... why throw that way and regress to anything less?

Sazashi who seek to suppress their Akjhe turn to Fal-IdAkjhe, a class of Akjhe-Antagonist drugs. Some aim to curb the Yearning, so that they may make decisions without it, while others believe that even the Catharsis of fulfulling their Akjhe poses a risk to their free will, and so suppress it.

When you strip away everything the Ancient Haimarchy used to exploit us—the clumsy shackles they used to hold us down, you're left with something unstoppable.

Sazashi Kinds

Sazashi Ajkhe Mantra
Aen The discovery and unraveling of intrigue is exciting. Purposed built for optimization and perfection, a pursuit which drives many to madness or ennui.
Helyk I shall make physical the wonders of the world.
Khirmagne Tame the dangerous.
Nasyk Where others wither, I will thrive.
Parisan I must defend all which I value.


Ahzsrin, Aen by Ademal and Redwolfsam
Akjhe Mantra

The discovery and unraveling of intrigue is exciting.


Urban minorities. Rural, Colonial, & Astral moderities.


Lactic Antagony • Metabolic Mastery • Selective Hibernation

Aen are programmed to uncover and explore data. Wielding their gifted minds, the Aen wrested control of the world of Jhoutai and even Eden for a period. They only relented their power when they realized they could not stand alone.

Programmed to gain knowledge, Aen have a reputation as revolutionary intellectuals and progressive powerhouses. They are often described as being intelligent, collected, curious, pragmatic, aloof, and blunt.


Helyk by Ademal

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Hiserabi were built to think outside of the box, to discover interesting solutions and to ask odd questions. This has made them fantastic artists, which meshes with their limber physiologies in interesting ways.


Kajh Bust by Ademal and Redwolfsam

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Akjhe Mantra

Tame the Dangerous.


Urban & Astral superminorities. Rural & Colonial minorities.


Barometric Quills • Thick Hide • Gastric Regen • Iron Stomach • Light Sensitivity • Sharp Hearing

Survivalists by design, the Khirmagne were engineered to help settle the Khatoumay Nege forest—a verdant hell rife with toxins and predators.

They were derived from Sazakraht, Chea, and the native Laughing Night—a vicious and territorial predator of the region. They are considered a very wild Kind, and are subject to many stereotypes.

With an Akjhe that drives them towards danger, they are not a populous people, but are highly targeted by advertisements to become Colonials.


Nasyk Inline Full
Nasyk Like High Places by Ademal
Akjhe Mantra

The road ends long before the adventure does.


Urban minorities. Rural, Colonial, & Astral moderities.


Lactic Antagony • Metabolic Mastery • Selective Hibernation

Much like the Khirmagne, the Nasyk were engineered to make the inhospitable hospitable; specifically the harsh northern regions of the Amujnalden continent. For this, the ability to cross great distances, endure killer storms, and go days without eating was tantamount.

Derived from the Sazakraht, Sauthei, and a small artic ancestor of the Sazakraht, the Nasyk posess a suite of survival traits. Combined with a powerful wanderlust, a Nasyk is rarely found at the heart of society, and instead is often found expanding its bounds.


Antti Hakosaari Sazashi Parisan Bust
Parisan by Antti Hakosaari
Akjhe Mantra

I must stand against that which threatens my values.


Rural & Colonial moderities. Urban & Astral minorities.


Acute Stress Negation • Trauma Resistance • Selective Imprinting

The Parisan were engineered to be protect Ancient Haimarchy sites—from the residences of nobility to sacred sites. They were also deployed in fued wars between Haimarchy families, renown for their ability to hold a position and their vcious refusal to let it go.

Parisan were made from a mixture of Faeo and Sazakraht, with many of the territorial and defensive traits of the Sazakraht accentuated and strengthened through akjhe.

While it may seem that their Akjhe would anchor them to a fixed place, Parisan are sometimes drawn to ship life, where they will protect their ship to the bitter end.


Ral-Mi were built to protect the people. They nurture, they guide, they defend, they will die for those they love, happily.


Sighre (Unplayable) were built to move mass amount of earth and construct monuments.


Shejlt Raja Portrait
Akjhe Mantra


Urban majorities. Rural moderities. Colonial & Astral minorities.


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Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal
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