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Kytherian Sazakraht

Written by Barron


The Kytherian Sazakraht is a subspecies of the fearsome Sazakraht apex predator seen across countless other worlds. The Breed is unique and rare as it is only found on the planet Kytheria.

Physical Characteristics

Kytherian Sazakraht have evolved into a smaller and more nimble varient. The speculation is that these beasts evolved that way because of the massive jungles and tight spaces of the Kytherian jungles in which they make their home. There are also theories that the Kytherian Sazakraht was actually a genetic modification, attempting to take the normally untamable creature and make it more social and docile. This does not mean they are less dangerous to Sophonts. Their lightweight build allows them to make jumps and climb like no other Sazakraht, and they are still more than capable of bringing down groups of ill-prepared explorers.


The biggest draw of the Kytherian Sazakraht is its ability to be socialized and imprinted on Sophonts. Owning a Sazakraht, of any size, brings about a hefty pricetag. This ability to be tamed along with the naturally beautiful look of the Kytherian Sazakraht makes the pet trade the biggest threat of the species. While the Syndicate has illegalized the capture of wild Kytherian Sazakhrat, the hefty price tag and difficulty to enforce the law brings about hunters and poachers.


Sophonce Level: Sentient   Kytherian Sazakraht demonstrate a staggering breadth of collaborative or intelligent behaviors, even more so than their larger counterparts. They appear to be far more prone to forming social groups, leaving them just ahead of other breeds of Sazakraht.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
45 Years
Conservation Status
Protected Under Jupiter Syndicate Law
Average Height
Imperial Metric
Male 43-52 in. 109-132 cm.
Female 40-50 in. 101-127 m.
Adult, at shoulder
Average Weight
Imperial Metric
Male 450-620lbs. 204-281kg.
Female 370-425 lbs 168-193 kg.
Average Length
Imperial Metric
Male 102-113 in. 259-287 cm.
Female 96-106 in. 244-269 cm.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Kytherian Sazakraht have a more vibrant range of fur colors than other Sazakraht breeds. It typically runs from auburn to bright red. Stripping and spotting is common and their manes are far more prominent than other Sazakraht.
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