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The Nictipagua were created by Alephus Ashiman from 9650 to 9750 as judge, jury, and executioner of the Vadakendanic Procession. They were the keepers of the Harrowing—a rite of judgement reserved for overturning a Monolithic Tyranny, should it ever arise again.

They spent most of their time in stasis, awakened every century to learn about all that has transpired and to give their thoughts before returning to sleep. On some occaisions, they were awakened to cast judgement on a Monolith charged with high treason, to serve as judge of their fate. They require time to learn the world, learn any new weapons and technologies, and cast their judgement.

Created for a Grave Purpose

Gods' Guillotine

The Nictipagua were made by Alephus Ashiman to keep the powers of future Sovereign and Monoliths in check, and were armed with the weapons of the Nictimannu Divine Armory in order to do so.

They were awakened once every ago to monitor the progress of society. During this inquisition, the Nictipagua would live among the people of the world—speaking to the poor and wealthy alike. They were given all rights to do so -- it was deeply engrained into Vadakendanic mythology to answer any question asked by a Nictipagua.

A lonely existance

Since they are awakened in trios, they have little change to interact with each other or the world beyond their job, and so their quandries and internal shifts may feel to them like years while for others they are decades

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Alephus Ashiman
The Nictipagua
Related Myth(s)
The Harrowing

Nictipagua by Syrubis

Art provided by Oscar for our use.
Multiple Arms
Four Eyes
Faculatative Quadruped

Nictipagua can drop down onto all fours

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