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Vadakendanic Verrasi

The Vadakendanic Verrasi were the peoples of the Verra Region in the eras of the Vadakendanic Procession. Their lives were shaped by the commandments of the current Sovereign, whose role in society was to decide the direction of its technological advancements.


Naming Traditions

Unisex names

As with modern Faeo tradition, names were appointed as multisyllabic, typically 5-7 syllables with different meanings. Depending on your relationship with the person you're addressing, you would say a certain number of these syllable/notes.

Verrasi names are unisex. If gender is necessary then it is indicated by a glottal stop and an infex after the third syllable.

  • -a for Outwards
  • -e for Inwards
  • -u for Genderless
  • While rarely used, there was also a -ea for non-binary genders

  1. Generally reserved for children or close friends, otherwise it's thought to be somewhat derogatory.
  2. In reference to service or giving commands, otherwise it's considered rude.
  3. Common Conversation. If a gender is appended, it will be added here.
  4. Serviceable Politeness — the
  5. Genuine and Strong Emotion

Easrunal will be Es as a child, Easrun to her superiors, and Easrunal to her friends. She's a female, so in conversations where it matters she will be referred to as Ese, Easrune, or Easrunale. On official documentation her name is Easrunale-Anomathei of Pheus

Vadakendanic Verrasi
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