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Faeo are one of the Kinds of Verin. Though they're as intergalactic as every other Sophont, their ancestral home is the verdant northern highlands of Verra.

Their name, Faeo, is from an ancient word meaning 'pale light', which is a reference to their leucistic skin tone. Other markers of their physiology include elegant, smooth horns, extremely long legs, and blue eyes.

Associated with Power

It's hard to think of the Faeo without thinking of the Verin Haimarchy, and vise versa. While there are plenty of Faeo outside of the Haimarchy, and plenty of other Kinds of Verin who enjoy power within the Haimarchy beyond the Faeo, there remains a strong association with the Faeo and the Haimarchy due to many of the Sovereign of the Haimarchy having been Faeo.

Sometimes this association is positive, and results in others looking to them for leadership. Sometimes the association is negative, and ends up with them being distrusted or treated harshly, seen as riding on the bloody accomplishments of their ancestry.



Faeo skin gains its pallor from a nonvolatile strain of leucism, a mutation which proved useful in Northern Highlands of Verra, where they developed and where direct sunlight is at a premium.


Faeo horns are constantly growing. Treating them with special oils makes them malleable and soft towards the tips. Their horns do not split naturally, but can be guided with metal binders to achieve all manner of shapes.

Horns are a matter of fashion in all corners, but there's always a class aspect to it as well; workers will have shorter horns, while the elite will weave massive headdresses.


Each segment of a Faeo's legs is elongated, granting them extra height. This proved useful to their ancestors for keeping their heads above the tall grass of the Northern Highlands of Verra, as well as for reaching fruits higher in trees and keeping their heads above water when navigating the marshes.


Like all Verin, Faeo are a K-selected species. They are sexually dimorphic and reproduce sexually. Gestation lasts for approximately 12 common months.

Blood Purity

If two different Verin species mate, the offspring will be an impure mutt with diminished size, lifespan, physical capability and stunted horns.

For this reason, many Verin families respect the Blood Edict, a set of rules for them to follow to keep their consanguinity pure.

Common Culture

Gender Definitions

Traditional Faeo culture recognizes 12 genders, with gender defined as a natural emotional role within society. This is comprised of 6 paired genders, each existing as a foil of the other.

There is a 13th demi-gender, a non-gender. It is not specifically stated unless the fact that the subject is genderless is of some importance, such as with androids. There is a bit of a derogatory connotation with this pronoun, as to call someone genderless is to say that the features of their gender are weak or unappealing. A well placed -'u at the end of a name can be used to imply that a man's phallus is small, for example.

Naming Conventions

Name format: [Name]-[Surname] of [Homeworld].

  • Easrun-Anomathei of Pheus
  • Sellinus-Kherenei of Saumai
  • Lophidus of Phobos


Traditionalists will have names which only utilize letters from the Verin Language Alphabet, whereas more open-minded Faeo (mostly those living outside of The Haimarchy) will incorporate sounds and letters of other languages.  


Most Faeo are given a full, 3-syllable name at birth, but as children are only referred to by one syllable. As they age they are referred to by their superiors as their disyllabic name, and their full name is used by lessers, equals, and those who wish to be polite or intimate.  


Verin names are unisex. If gender is necessary then it is indicated by a glottal stop and a suffix.
  • -a for male
  • -e for female
  • -u for genderless1
  • -ea for non-binary genders


Easrunal will be Es as a child, Easrun to her superiors, and Easrunal to her friends. She's a female, so in conversations where it matters she will be referred to as Ese, Easrune, or Easrunale. On official documentation her name is Easrunale-Anomathei of Pheus
Haimarchy Faeoverin by Antti Hakosaari
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Verin Faeo
1000 Years
Average Height
(Measurements sans horns)
7 to 8 feet
2 to 2.5 meters
Common Demeanors
Pragmatic • Stoic • Parental • Commanding • Firm • Graceful • Tactful • Noble

Playing a Faeo

At their finest Faeo are level-headed, capable of maintaining their stoicism even in the most stressful of situations. They are the voice of command and wisdom.   At their worst Faeo are arrogant and tyrannical, exploiting the fears of those around them to manipulate them.   They are the race to play if you are looking to play a character in possession of cold intellect, someone who can weather the madness of a moment, perhaps even turn it into an asset and a weapon.

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