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The Sauthei are the people of the land. They spurn the ivory towers of the Faeo, preferring to live life in the thick of things, even if it means doing things the hard way. As such, many of them seem to have an uncanny sense of what's to comes as well as a sturdy lay of the land.

Appearance and Physiology

Sauthei have skin like honey and rich mocha, and proud postures reminiscent of their lighter skinned Faeo cousins. Their eyes and hair come in rich, earth colors ranging from glittering emerald to smooth hazel to a deep, smoldering shade of golden. Beneath the skin they're not so different from the average human or Faeo.


Despite being steeped in ritual and tradition, Sauthei culture welcomes progress. They are encouraged to be curious, to figure out why something makes sense and, if it doesn't, to challenge it.

Sauthei culture abhors most forms of footwear, preferring to have nothing between them and the soil. This has made many light of foot and given rise to the often true stereotype that masking their footfalls is second nature.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Growing up as close neighbors to the Feao gave the Sauthei language little room to develop independently. The primary variation can be heard in the tempo, as Sauthei prefer a faster language for conversation than the flowery sentences of the Feao. As a result, Sauthei language is very much a vernacular derivative of Feao, and even some Feao are known to slip into it for the sake of time.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
"It wasn't the light elves in their high towers, it wasn't the dark elves meddling with their dysmorphic magics, it was us, with our feet bare and toes wiggling in the earth, us who invented anesthetic, penicillin, morphine. We looked to the ground and discovered sulfur and nitric acid, it was us who made magic without meta."

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