The Living Doll

Manne-Kyn are a Genestruct Race developed to serve the noble elite of Nouveau Planète Bordeaux. Their original purpose was to serve and entertain without question, and to alleviate the stress of their masters by a specialized process of Mesmer called Massage de l'âme, mind massage, in which they use their powers to put their master within a trance so that they can explore their mind and help them overcome obstacles of stress.   They were freed by their Harle-Kyn cousins during a revolution on their world, and now live as free members of society. They have since renamed the world to Nouvelle Planète Bordeaux, switching the planetary title to the feminine to reflect the matriarchal rule of the Halre-Kyn  

Mental Safeguards

As Manne-Kyn were originally designed to serve, they once had many safeguards to keep them obedient. Many of these still remain in some form, but after the Harle-Kyn led a revolt and overthrew the government of Nouveau Planète Bordeaux, they were targeted and dialed back wherever they couldn't be removed entirely.  


Manne-Kyn were designed to be able to imprint onto their master(s) through a ritual. This made them fixated upon their master(s), eager to please them and fulfill any requests that didn't go against other parts of their nature.   In modern times, Manne-Kyn can decide who they imprint on, and can imprint on multiple, but it's impossible to break this link without great damage on their sanity. They are no longer strictly subservient to the subjects of their imprinting.  

Pathological Honesty

Originally Manne-Kyn were programmed to be entirely pathologically honest to a fault towards their master, and could not even lie by omission. Because this trait was reverse-engineered from Asperger's (and then greatly modified), certain aspects of the trait remain, such as the ability to fixate on certain details, information, and sensory detail.   In modern times, Manne-Kyn still cannot directly lie, but they can lie by omission and talk their way around a topic. Because of this, many Manne-Kyn who travel the greater universe have developed silver tongues and, in a twist of fate from their original intent, have become considered good leaders.  

Low Aggression

Manne-Kyn are not naturally agressive, and the males to not produce much testosterone.

Basic Information


Manne-Kyn were branched from Faecha genetics, spliced together with Sauthei characteristics, and sculpted to have some French appearance despite having no human blood.  


During their Genestruction, a latent capability for Divination bubbled up from their Faecha blood. Rather than trying to remove this, the designers worked with it and tied it into their design. The Helyk artists who worked on the original sculpt designed the Manne-Kyn's eyes to reinforce this, and if a Manne-Kyn locks eyes with someone they become more susceptible to the Manne-Kyn's mesmer capabilities. This effect is even stronger on people they've imprinted upon.   Once mesmerized, they person will fall into a suggestive stupor. Classically this was used as a way for the Manne-Kyn to help their master(s) open up about difficult topics, get them off their chest, and work through them. In modern times the Manne-Kyn can still do this, but can also use their power to daze targets.

Biological Traits

To differentiate Manne-Kyn from Humans and Verin, they were given several minor but easily-noticed distinguishing features. The combination of these features lends Manne-Kyn a very doll-like appearance.   Eyes: Manne-Kyn have goniochromatic eyes resulting from a layer of specially-modified tapetum lucidem grafted into their irises. This gives them a vivid, iridescent range of eye colors.   Hair: Unlike the hair of most other species, in which there are many slight variations across the span of their scalp and even along the length of a strand of hair, Manne-Kyn hair is monochromatic and comes in pastel shades.   Skin: Their skin-tone is uniform for their entire body, save for obvious exceptions such as their lips. They have no natural blemishes or secondary markings save that some have freckles; often, Manne-Kyn freckles have a slight shine to them, a trait borrowed from Sauthei's zinc-rich freckles.

Genetics and Reproduction

Manne-Kyn were originally sterile, but in modern times have a low fertility rate and are capable of reproduction.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Traditionalist Manne-Kyn will have French names.

Gender Ideals

The Manne-Kyn identity does not make much of a differentiation of gender, and both are typically effeminate.

Common Dress Code

The traditionalist Manne-Kyn will wear elaborate Victorian-Rococo inspired clothing.

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Genetic Ancestor(s)
French, Helan
100 Years
Average Height
Imperial: 4' - 5'5" Metric: 1.2 - 1.7
Average Weight
Imperial: 70 - 140 Lbs. Metric: 32 - 64 Kg.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Traditionalist Manne-Kyn may have floral tattoos reminiscent of Art Noveau patterns.

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