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Artificially created or modified life-forms

Written by Ademal

Genestruction is the science of altering or creating organic life-forms with gene sequencing and construction. It is further broken into Body Sculpture and Shiftstruction to differentiate between methodologies and technolgies used.   It emerged without an origin story. It developed in multiple places by multiple groups at the same time and, like the nature of its creations, is always mutating.  


Agriculture, for creating crops which have greater yield, survive in a wider variety of environments, and are more rich in calories and vitamins.   Livestock, to develop creatures which have a higher ratio of food in to food out. One of the popular forms here is an algae which grows grids of bone and meat marbled with fat to make for easy cutting and good cooking.   Military, to develop bio-weapons and new strains of Sophont for use in warfare. Some species, such as the IreHeart can turn off emotional affect to make themselves more resistant to battle fatigue and PTSD.   Exploration, to arm settlers with the adaptations they need to thrive in space and on new worlds. Some species, such as the GearHeart, can comfortably live in zero gravity without disorientation or negative effects on their body.   It developed from fashion and the public sector in the form of Body Sculpture as it became more commonplace, and in modern day allows people to drastically change their bodies to suit their desires and environments. A hundred people of the same species can be in the same room and appear entirely distinct from one another.

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