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The Keys to the WayPoints

Written by Ademal

Indices are the keys to the WayHall. Each aligns with a WayHall and can be found on the world that the WayPoint is in the L3 LaGrange Point of. They are relatively small, only a quarter of a meter in diameter, considering the fact that the Rifts they lurk in are detectable only to the naked eye.

Dunno where they come from. Dunno how they work. Dunno what they're made of. They're basically the most important thing in Ethnis.


Why do the Indices test us?
Why must we earn the indices? Why do appear in difficult places rather than appearing in easy places or not at all? Why do they move if someone fails them?
What is their effect on the mind?
Those who find them report being haunted by them by life. Why? What sway does it have over the mind? What are the lasting effects?
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0.25m Diameter

A Mesmerizing Enigma

Index by Ademal

Indices are glassy, dense orbs 0.25m in diameter. They are perfect, unblemished spheres with shifting, colorful interiors. They are said to be quite mesmerizing to hold and look into.

Once I had it I couldn't put it down. I'd leave it somewhere so I could focus, and would just find myself holding it a few minutes later. I'm glad I've sold it, even if it haunts my dreams sometimes.

— Gajastan Star-Eyes, a retired Waysair

They are visible to the naked eye but void to many other types of sensor and to Divination. This can make them extremely hard to find to the unwitting, but extremely easy to find for those who know what to look for.

An Intragalactic Key


It wanted to be used. I didn't have a choice in the matter. The moment I found it it began to speak to me in a language beyond words. It filled me with a yearning to wander, to find my way to its WayPoint.

It wanted to be taken home.

— Gajastan Star-Eyes

Indices are found on the planet of the world their WayPoint is aligned with. Some systems have multiple Indices and Waypoints, the record is four Indices.

These Indices are hidden in dimensional portals called Rifts. According to the survivors, these lead to pocket realms where you are tested by a higher power, and the realm within each has different rules and appearances. Some have spent weeks in there only to find no time had passed upon exiting, some go in and never return at all. If a rift is failed, it will usually teleport to a new location.

Finding a rift is the dream of any fortune-hunter with a ship. Banners will pay bounties large enough to terraform, settle, and govern a moon.

Finding an Index can set someone for life, or make it very short.

Archivist's Rendering of a Rift by Ademal

What? Oh, yes, the Rift. I don't want talk about what was in there. Plenty of people have said what it's like, and all I can say is that everyone is right, and everyone is wrong. Mine was awful. I lost my whole crew.

— Gajastan Star-Eyes

Anyway. It was nice talking but I'm busy destroying my moon's economy because I have no idea what I'm doing.

— Gajastan Star-Eyes

Cover image: Archivist's Rendering of a Rift by Ademal
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Dec 1, 2018 21:44 by TJ Trewin

The artwork and layout on this page is as mesmerising as the enigma itself. Solid article in a digestible length, always nice with the intro quote from a different perspective (I should add more of these in my own work!)

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Dec 5, 2018 03:28 by Ademal

You should! They really add pop imho!

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Dec 2, 2018 19:55

"Finding an Index can set someone for life, or make it very short."   That is such an incredibly good outro. Exemplary, even. <3 That's a great inspiration for anyone looking to learn how to write a good final line.   Maybe I'm tired, but I don't quite understand this sentence: "They are relatively small, only a quarter of a meter in diameter, considering the fact that the Rifts they lurk in are detectable only to the naked eye."   "considering the fact" is where it gets odd for me. That seems relatively small by any measure. Also, you repeat the exact same measurement in the very next sentence. Maybe change it up to something like "they are relatively small compared to the rifts they lurk in" and give the measurements in the next sentence as you currently do?   What do those tests like? Maybe providing some sort of sample could be cool? :)

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Dec 2, 2018 21:53 by Edmond Gener

I really loved it, I want to find it, I want to use it and I want to go into a rift to get it. But the first entry of Gajastan baffled me. He talked about selling it like it was nothing, and it seems like he just got rich beyond dreams. You also say lark, do they live there? did they get there or did they make the rifts? the part of "to pocket realms where you are tested by a higher power," I weird. I would rather know what tests them, is it the Index itself?

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