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Riss Modi

Just a Luea Engineer trying to retire and not get hung up on anyone else's business. Regrettably for him, the universe has other plans.


Riss looks fairly average compared to most Luea. No major piercings. No major tatoos. Brown, almost coppery hair, eyes and photophore cells. Well-trimmed facial hair and well-maintained dreadlocks complete his image. If not for the faint accompanying smell of whiskey, tobacco and ozone, most would express trouble at finding something unique about him. Upon closer investigation, his eyes look off, but those without a knowledge of crustaceans and/or Luea have trouble placing it.

Important Moments

Defining or revealing moments about the character. Organized by Book and Chapter within the campaign.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Is in fairly good shape, but has a bit of a trick knee. As long as he isn't doing too much running or jumping it'll be fine.

Special abilities

He's almost supernaturally handy with his blowtorch.

Personality Characteristics


Longs to have a quite retirement. One where he can just set up a still, listen to records and not get dicked about by the universe every five goddamn minutes.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Knows how to weld and manipulate machinery with extreme precision. Not the best judge of character. Can sing fairly well. Fairly good at using melee weapons. Not the best at running.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes classic rock, fine liquers, a good cigarette, and loyalty. Dislikes talkative people, being used, and people who try to make their bussiness his business.

Vices & Personality flaws

Paranoid. Bit of an alcoholic. Smokes. Not a good judge of character.


Contacts & Relations

Has worked with the Killjoy Misfortune Party enough that they owe him a few favors, and he owes them several more.

Religious Views

Generally non-religious, but knows enough about Bast to get the job done.

Social Aptitude

Knows enough about social cues to keep it together in most situations.
Prone to pragmatism in bussiness dealings.

Hobbies & Pets

Sings. Listens to records and recordings of 20th century earth music. Uses his blowtorch to make sculptures. Plans sculptures.

Wealth & Financial state

Everything Riss Modi has to his name can be summed up as a small ship (The Jupiter Message), a medium-large ship (The Sorscha), a moderately large collection of classic records and a number of half-finished and finished welded-metal sculptures. (He lost the keychain he swiped during the events of Vota-Shaddai)
Divine Classification
Current Residence
The Sorscha
Aligned Organization

To be free and retire peacefully.
Good music, good tunes and good friends are all you need.
Niko and Kona are his beloved former crew
Unchea betrayed him to Hedon
He has a mutually beneficial relationship with Killjoy Misfortune
A portable blowtorch and an old set of armor from his younger days.


Rush-Tom Sawyer

Side quest from Riss: Riss is explaining to the crew how, no matter how many ways people find to distribute music in the future, and listen to it, everyone agrees that Vinyl is, by far, the best physical medium for the enthusiast listener.

"Digital, well, that comes and goes. Someone buys out someone else and suddenly a whole world of music blinks out of existence or melts like icecaps.

So what's the best way to keep physical copies that are long, long lasted? Crystal ain't exactly cheap, and the read-write on it is not enviable. But vinyl? The vinyl material itself has been improved with time, it's never needed a replacement, it's always been the best of it's niche.

Anyway I just found the location of a stack of Prince Albums and we are gonna steal em."


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