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To acheive Enlightenment is to become a Monolith—a title synonymous with esteem and power. You become a Monolith when you achieve such a level of mastery over an art that you tap into deeper meaning and higher consciousness.

Whether this power stems from a universal force, an inner-self, or a higher entity is debated, but their ability to do feats which challenge our understanding of the universe is incontrovertible.

A moment of insight, a spark of inspiration, and suddenly the thing you've been doing your entire life just clicks into place, becomes real in a way you can't comprehend until you experience it firsthand.

No matter whether you're doing, whether it's the most mundane task or the most revered, it all makes sense to you in a wider context. Your eyes open, and you see the rhythm of the universe.

Becoming Enlightened

Every culture has its own word for them. They are the graceful and the enlightened—gods and deities, angels and devils.

The names they are given speaks volumes about that culture’s experience with them, whether as saviors or tyrants, but there is one name void of these connotations: monolith.

To be Monolith is to be standalone, even if you do not stand alone. It is to be indivisible from yourself, to have a certainty of self so strong that its roots are buried in the very fabric of the universe, and draw power from it.

Monoliths Transcend through a Domain, develop Affectations, and commit Miracles.



Clarity of Will

A Monolith’s mind does not war with itself, it lives in perpetual self-confidence. They are not omniscient, but they are certain; they cannot surprise themselves.


Mastery Of Art

The tool by which Monoliths shape the world and themselves is their art. When they Transcend, their art becomes their Domain. A Monolith can develop multiple Domains.


The Marks of Station

Transcending leaves a mark upon a Monolith which is unique to who they are. These marks take any shape, from glowing tattoos, auras of sound or scent, or a million others.


Manifestation of Self

For each Domain they Transcend, a Monolith develops a Miracle with it, and as that Domain grows stronger, so too does the Miracle.

Want More?

This is just a preview of the full scope of Monoliths!

We are adding limiting examples of Domains, Miracles, and Affectations soon, with full examples on our Monolith Zine (below) or to Patreon supported.

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