The highest honor bestowed for self-mastery

Written by Ademal

Monoliths are Sophont who have achieved such a level of mastery over some skill—anything from the mundane to the metaphysic to the fantastic—that they Transcend into a higher state of being, will, and power.   Whether this power stems from a deeper consciousness, an inner-self, or a higher being is highly contested, but their ability to do feats beyond thos of non-Monoliths is incontrovertible.

Origin and Symbol

The title of Monolith once was an exclusive right of those elite Aspirants who Transcended while serving and training within the organization but has since become synonymous with the act of Transcendance itself.   Aspirants who became Monoliths were ceremoniously gifted a seal bearing multiple symbols of influence, mastery, and power. The premier symbol was the Azukenda headdress: a complement of Aeolamen tail feathers over the Circlet of Lun-Kheren, itself bearing the iconic Sacred Seal of Sovereignty.   Last is the two moons of Jhoutai, which frame the back of the seal.
Monolith Seal by Ademal
We were once the highest Aspiration, the ultimate goal. Monoliths were the insurmountable peak looking down upon the world through the eyes of Gods.   Today we are commonplace.   Frequent.   Now, higher aspirations exist.   So we turn our gaze to Sovereignty.


To be a true Monolith requires Transcendence. Transcendance, by its nature, cannot be achieved through any trickery or particular cunning, and so is the ultimate, unbreakable bar of a Sophont's measure of personal mastery and skill.


Historically, Monoliths were expected to further their fields of study and stand up for their nations and peoples. In modern times they are more akin to minor-celebrities or local wonders, guiding members of the community but with no particular expectation put on them for their role.

Magical, Honorific
Alternative Naming
Angels (Somnacy)
Source of Authority
Transcendence is thought by most to be granted by The Wheel.
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