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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
What’s the highest rank in a powerful organisation within your world.
A total of 142 entries

Lord of the Tower Elves

The Witch-Knights of Malcolm Krow

High Chancellor of Okan

High Priest or High Priestess

Bighornian Smokesmeller

Maestro Portador del Círculo

Magister of the Association of Tradesmen and Artificiers

Emissaries to the Twelve

The Protector of The Tree

The queen of the cult to revive Nadia

Royal Regent of Heldrin

STUB - The Radiant One

Administrator of the Magipolice

Master of the Assembly

Highest Priestess

Vel Tuturi High Priest

The Grand Ante-Historian

Emperor of Meiteikoku

Herald of the Thirteen

High Priest of Celesthem

The Grand Master of the Null

Kaia-Kotiro, the Seeker

Hunter Brigadier

Captain of the Frozen Flames

The Main Governor of Kot

The Emperor of Juraedon

The White Tiger of Formosa

Grand Emperor of Karadia

FEPC High Marshall

Grand Admiral of the Fharyne Navy

Lord of the Seas

Abbot of the Unceasing Tide

Bvia University Head

Warden (Anti-Planar Defence Trust)

The Emperor/Empress

Lord Commander of the 3rd Selicien Order of Knights

Master Wanderer (General)

Keeper of the Final Truth

The Grand Seer of the Avon Julanor

Digger Co. Union Chair

Sovereign of the Rose

Wielder of the Rose

Head Scientist Role — Null Corp.

Archpriest (Order of the Griphon)

Arcane Eight Representative

High prophets of blight

Presidència de la Confederació d'Eimai

Master/Mistress of Blades

Hierarch of the SIGMAR's Cult

Lion-General of Exum

Archangel of Valhalla

Grand Inquisitor of the Guardian's Holy Church

Provost Philosopher

King / Queen of Arthos

Grand Master of the Order

Emperor of Ehlona