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The Emperor of Juraedon

The Highest Seat

The Imperial station of Emperor is the most important station in the Empire. The Emperor reigns from above. Currently, the laws are set so that only the line of the first son is passed down the Emperorship, that is to say, cadet branches are ineligible for Emperorship. If the current Emperor dies and there is no eligible heir, then the parliament will vote in the next Emperor. Depending on the flow of power in the Empire, these inheritance laws may change; they have changed many times, before. The previous Imperial line, the House Trechik, went extinct thirty-some years ago, and the current Emperor, Aelmourne, was voted in (on certain conditions). The Emperor also can introduce legislation, veto laws, and command armies. These powers vary in intensity over the years, but they cannot be removed as they are God-given rights to the Emperor.

There Emperor works with, but is not beholden to, the Parliament of Juraedon. The Parliament has many legislative powers. The Emperor, if he desires to pass a law, will usually have to make that law palatable to the Parliament before that law may be passed. The Emperor is nominally part of the parliament and is supposed to be the first among equals, though this rarely is the case. Because of the Emperor's great central power, the parliament, if not politically unified by the time of that Emperor's coronation, may become all but ceremonial during that Emperor's reign. At the same time, if the Great Game is played well, then the parliament may make that upcoming Emperor a purely nominal power, though, by the time of that Emperor's death, the politicians will have to realign themselves again to prepare against a new challenger.

Nobility, Hereditary
Source of Authority
The People, the Nobility, and the Church
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