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The queen of the cult to revive Nadia

The most powerful rank in the most threatening cult is the queen of the cult. Her name is Nevali the daughter of Nadia. To resemble this title she has agrees that is light weight dress that is made out of black dragon scales. She owns a pet minuter black dragon. She is the strongest person in the cult that wants to revive Nadia. She is a really powerfull wizard that has destroyed some ancient gold dragons. She eats and sleeps in the private corridors and areas. She is a human demon person that was the best naturally good at magic. She is very cruel and doesn't have much friends but she has a few they are hummans and there names are mut, Naz, and waerdy. Mut is quiet smart and truthfull Naz is adventurous and brave waerdy is strong silly and weird. They love eating what the cook has prepared for them. Nevali is a strong, fun, and powerfull. The queen of the cult Nevali is in charge of what happens and what to do to protect it and keep it a secret. The secret part hasn't been great but neither has the upper world figuring anything out ether. Dragons have even been fouled by her and have even been supper startled to see her when the dragons have went to find out information. People all around the world wonder what the power Nevali is and how strong it is.


Must be a daughter from the line of Nadia and must be twelve.


She is supposed to revive Nadia and keep the cult running.
Self proclaimed
It is still in effect and is should hopefully it wil not continue but she wants it to continue.
Length of Term
She has given the rank since she was twelve and has the rank intil she dies.

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