Legatus Legionis

A Legatus Legionis, or Legatus for short commands an entire Legion of 4800 Legionaries, there are twenty Legions in the Empire each with their own geographical area to secure and administrate.   A Legatus is considered a political appointment also, a Legatus sits on the Senate and advises on military matters, as such Legatus are either to be found in their district capital or at Lindum. Such is the power a Legatus wields that ultimately the Emperor has final say on the appointment of this rank, and a Legatus ultimately only reports to the Emperor. The Senate may advise a course of action but in practice only the Emperor themselves can give orders to a Legatus.   They are considered the ultimate warriors of their legion, battle tested, battled hardened and master tacticians. If a Legatus deploys to the field it is truly a sight to behold as they will demonstrate what the culmination of years of campaigning and leading looks like on the field.


A Legatus must have the general approval of the senate before appointment, they must also have the full support of all Centurions in their Legion.


Only the Emperor and the Senate may appoint a Legatus Legionis.


Management of the Legion itself, ensuring the Empires peace is kept, all taxes are collected and that Imperial interests are kept.

Nobility, Military
Alternative Naming
Equates to
The modern equivalent of a Legatus Legionis would be a Colonel in the Army.
Source of Authority
The Emperor, the Gods, and the people of the Empire.
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