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The Jewel of the Empire, all good things come to Lindum, and all great paperwork flows out
— Decimus Curtius Maecius, Senate Scribe
  The first city of the Empire, the founding city of the Empire, all good things and bad things flow into Lindum. Built on the banks of the River Insun it is the administrative, cultural and religious heart of the Imperial Provinces.   The current Emperor Travius resides in Lindum in the Imperial Villa overseeing the Senate where major decisions are made, it is here also that houses Legion Command where the 20 districts of the Empire are commanded and overseen.   Lindum is truly the center of everything.


  • 65% Imperial Human
  • 15% Imperial Thesselv
  • 10% Imperial Verstite
  • 10% Thesselv, Verstite Slaves


Lindum is ruled nominally by a Mayor but the Mayor also holds the office of Senator, and as such the city is nominally governed by the Senate. They are responsible for setting import and export tarrifs, the duties of the local town watch and also what religious festivals are observed.   Each district in the city has a local councilor who reports to the mayor and as such Lindum operates like a miniature version of the empire.


Lindum is surrounded on all sides by a stone wall with 4 main gates into the city roughly aligned with the points of a compass. Each of these gates controls all visitors and serves as a good point for taxation, as such Legion presence is concentrated around the gates and wall. Inside the town there are specific detachments of 'town watch' who are commanded by the Mayor of Lindum, although not strictly Legion troops they are armed as such.   The design of the city also lends itself to Defence with various areas able to be shut off with internal walls and gates effectively compartmentalizing the city.

Industry & Trade

Being the center of the Empire and on a wide river, Lindum is also a massive centre of trade.   Virtually all of the grain produced in the Central province is stored in Lindum and most of the grain from Gresya also flows through the city, the granaries that store them are enormous store houses visible from anywhere in the city, they are distinct in that the grain is stored above ground level so as to avoid many of the vermin associated with it.  
Trade Item Imported From Destinations
Grain Central Provinces, Gresya By boat to all other provinces, by ox train to the Western Provinces
Jewellery Western Provinces District Capitals and Senators
Olives Central Provinces Gresya, Taverns, Markets
Wine Southern Provinces, Central Provinces All across the Empire
Iron tools Northern Provinces Across the Empire
Small Arms (Swords, Pilum etc) Northern Provinces Legion Forts
Fish Gresya, Central Provinces Across the Empire, particularly to the Western provinces as a delicacy
Religious Art Lindum District Capitals
Roman Walls
Large city
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