River Insun

Everything in this world flows into Lindum, the Insun however flows through it, bringing in fresh water, taking away the shit.
Tertius Pompilius Verres, Senator


The River Insun is the main body of water that feeds the capital city Lindum, it starts in the spa town of Cornerstone where it seemingly emerges from the ground in a series of springs. In Cornerstone it feeds the public baths and spas where the nobles of the Central provinces can gather and rejuvenate mind and spirit.   From Cornerstone it meanders through the center of the Fifth, Sixth and First provinces giving life to many farmlands around it and providing a quick means for grain to be shipped to Lindum. Dotted along the banks of the Insun are many villages and towns, it is the life giving river and it provides fish, clay for pottery and many other supplies.   When it reaches Lindum it widens significantly and is forded by many bridges of slate and marble, here the river is deep enough and wide enough for large grain ships to moor and keep Lindum in power as a large safe harbor for the Empire and it's merchant navy.   It then opens out onto the Insun Delta where the river is tapped by numerous irrigation channels so that with each tide the fields are replenished with water.

Natural Resources

The water at the source in Cornerstone is remarked for being incredibly clear and pure, scientists have determined that it is abundant in rejuvenating minerals hence those in the baths and spas feeling much better after having been in.   This abundance of minerals means that as the water fills down its course it enriches the soils around it with farms near to the rivers edge having above average yields of crops.


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