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Ultima Thule

11th Mandreius 5034 BE

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The Empire of the Legions has enjoyed a period of relative peace for several centuries, they conquered the known world and secured their borders under a banner of inclusiveness. The world is a place of art and poetry where a person can pursue any career they would like and prosperity reigns due to the checks and balances of the Senate in the capital of the empire Lindum.   The Elves of the east were used for their talents with art, mathematics and science, the Orcs of the north were used for their sheer resilience and love of physical labour and the Men of the Centre form the backbone of the Legiones. Although at the Empires inception these peoples were brought to heel under the relentless Legiones military after centuries of society the other races have integrated and enjoy the same freedoms as any citizen of the Legiones.   Peace is kept in each numbered state by the Legiones within, cohorts of men drawn from the best of society, trained from childhood to be a fighting force to be reckoned with. These men are trained to fight as one unit relying in the strength of arms of a line ten wide and ten deep, armed with a Gladius, Pilum and a strong shield this army has proved itself adaptable to all threats within and bordering the Empire.   The current Emperor, Travius has decreed to expand the borders, and that is where the world is, venturing past the Ultima Thule.   Ultima Thule will be using the new Ethnis Lite RPG rules, expect more information as items are converted.



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