Give me a handful of Legionaries and I'll give you a victory.
— Sextus Manlius Catonius, Centuion XIth Legion
  In the Empire there is no more a prestigious position than that of Legionary. Everyone from the Legatus down to the standard rank and file Legionary is proud to carry that title, the Imperials know that to hold that title means years of training from childhood, discipline, professionalism and the ability to practically wage war across the lands.   A Legionary on his own is a formidable opponent, a Contubernium of Legionaries is nigh on unstoppable.They are armed with some of the most advanced weaponry in the entire Empire and are armoured in overlapping layers of segmented plate, topped of with a nigh unbreakable tower shield.   The sight of Legionaries on the field is always breathtaking, these consummate professionals have studied war from a young age and prosecute it with maximum effectiveness.



In order to qualify to join the Legionaries you must be the son of a family of full Imperial citizens, you will leave your parents at age 10 and undergo intense psychological and physical training and at age 18 you become a full fledged Legionary.

Career Progression

As the Legionaries are part of the Exercitum Imperatoria there is clear p  

  • Decanus-Commands a Contubernium, modern equivalent of Sergeant.
  • Tessarius-One per century, 3rd in command of the Century, modern equivalent Staff Sergeant.
  • Optio-One per century, 2rd in command of the Century, modern equivalent Lieutenant.
  • Centurion-Leads a Century of 80 men, modern equivalent Captain or Platoon Commander.
  • Legatus-Leads a Legion, only 20 at a time. Modern equivalent to a Colonel.
  • Aquilifer-Legions standard bearer, usually a stead-fast veteran, paid double basic rate.
  • Cornicen-A horn blower who worked to shout orders and get the attention of the Legion on the field.

Payment & Reimbursement

All legionaries are paid a basic rate of 225 denarii a year which is a comfortable enough wage for legionaries to live on. However like all militaries they are subject to stoppages, money is deducted for food, uniforms, hay and other sundries.

Anatomy of a Legionary

Standard Legionary Equipment

  • Lorica Segmentata Armour
  • Gladius Short Sword
  • Pilum Javelin
  • Galea (helmet)
Ranks & Titles


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