Exercitum Imperatoria

I don't know what they do to the enemies morale, but by the Emperor they scare me.
Senator Gaius Tadius Trenico (while reviewing his local Legionary force)
  The very cornerstone of the Peoples Empire, every man born within the confines of Imperial territory is granted the honour of joining the Imperial Army, informally known as "The Legions". Over the course of the last several hundred years the Legion has proved itself to be the most flexible and decisive fighting force the world has known.   The Legions are the right fist of the Senate and under overall command by the Emperor, they are divided in distinct numbered formations also known as "Legions". Each Legion is responsible for the protection and administration of the district they are assigned to, with some of the Legionaries on defence and some of them on administrative duties such as tax collection, fire watch and municipal policing.  

Famous Legions

LEGIO I - Praetoria
Organization | Nov 1, 2018


Starting from the bottom each individual man is first and foremost a Legionary.  

  • 8 Legionaries in a tent are a Contubernium
  • 10 Contubernium constitute a Century of 80 Legionaries
  • 6 Centuries of 80 men forms a Cohort of 480 Legionaries
  • 10 Cohorts of 480 Legionaries form a Legion of 4800 fighting Legionaries.
  • Each Legion also has a detachment of 200 Equites Cavalry
  • Each Legion has an Auxilia detachment consisting of the Legions smiths, doctors, administrative personnel and other associated functions
  The Legion is led by the Legatus, a person appointed by and reporting to the Emperor. Each Century is led by a Centurion and each Cohort is led by the senior Centurion of the Cohort. The first Cohort is most often the veteran and elite fighting force of the Legion, as such the Centurion of the first Century of the first Cohort has the title "Primus Pilus" first spear and is considered the most veteran warrior and officer of the Legion.

Public Agenda

Each Legion is charged by sacred oath to the Emperor to deliver the following agenda:  

  • Protect the peoples of the Empire at all costs.
  • Enforce Imperial Law to all you meet, friend or foe.
  • Collect the Imperial Taxes to ensure the prosperity of the Empire.
  • Respond to military needs as and when required by the Senate, on the authority of the Empire.
  • Ensure at all times your District remains a peaceful and prosperous part of the Empire.

Imperator Vult

Military, Army
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The Legions
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Author's Notes

Some artistic license has been taken with the classical Roman Legions, for example the First Cohort is not double strength in this world with associated specialists being put into a separate Auxilia detachment.

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