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Archaeological Investigations of the Oasis Fortress

We need a group to map out a way to the heart of the Fortress. Simple enough innit? Well no one has managed to do it before
— Legionary Dercius, 9th Contubernia, 2nd Century, 1st Cohort, XIVth Legion
  The heart of the Oasis Fortress has never been found, no one has managed to climb to the spire of its central tower. Many have been sent, none have returned.

Plot points/Scenes

  • The Adventurers are recruited by the Legion
  • Kitting out for the expedition
  • Journey across the desert
  • Rest before the exploration
  • Inside the Citadel, an ancient enemy revealed


  • Small cog in a big machine.
  • Overarching plot reveal.
  • Flavor of the world.
  • All is connected.
  • Structure


    The party having formed will be on the lookout for adventure, they will come across either posters advertising for well paid expeditions West or they will approach a Legionary encampment asking for work.   It will be explained to the party that the Oasis Fortress has an open contract to get to the heart and provide reliable maps to get to the middle.   Explain it will take them across Imperial Provinces and out to the West.

    Rising Action

    During the journey to the Oasis Fortress and at various stopping points, if the players divulge what they are doing they will be warned away. Stories of parties never coming back, stories of a city infested with monsters and raiders. They will talk about it also being full of traps and how many have tried but none come back.
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