The VIIth Legion are tasked with securing one of the Central Provinces including the town of Jorvum. They recognise their position as the gatekeepers to the west, as such they have set up various watch towers along the length and breadth of the region and on roads with high traffic.   The Legion was founded in the wake of the first great expansion West after the North had been conquered. The Legion itself is currently at around 70% strength in the region leading to widespread recruitment of Auxilia, the other 30% of the Legions strength has been sent West to the deserts to assist in the securing of the new provinces.


he VIIth Legion has a particular legend around a pitched battle against a Hobgoblin stronghold in the North of the region, the Hobgoblins had been conducting raids against new Imperial settlements in the area when it was first conquered. The Hobgoblins could not face the Legion in pitched battle and as such had conducted terror raids after dark and ambushing colonies where the Legion could not comprehensively cover the area.   This led to some of the first usages of Auxilia in order to secure the towns, armed militia and retired Legionaries held the newly formed towns while Legionary Engineers constructed fortifications to protect them. Once the towns had been secured enough that they could withstand all but the most heavy raids this left the Legionaries free to send out hunting parties to track down the lair of the Hobgoblins.   The Battle of the Dark Valley as it would be called consisted of an entire Cohort being deployed to a valley and systematically marching forward slaughtering everything on the surface, then specialist "Speologie" teams being sent into the caves to flush out anyone else.   The Hobgoblin raiding problem was eliminated overnight securing the region for the VIIth. The key point here and the most subtle is that the use of Auxilia left the Legionaries free to focus on the bigger problem, this model would endure long past the memory of this particular battle.


Military, Army
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Exercitum Imperatoria
Central Provinces


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