A Cohort consists of 6 Century of Legionary, generally this equates to 480 fighting Legionaries and approximately 150 auxiliaries such as Medics, Engineers, Intelligence personnel and other such support functions.   A Cohort is led by the senior Centurion who carries the title "Primus Pilus"(First Spear) plus his associated support personnel. A Cohort is only deployed to the field as a whole when there is serious civil unrest or a serious monster incursion in a District.   One Century in each Cohort is a Mounted Cohort where each Legionary wears lighter armour and has a round shield, they are usually used to patrol countryside areas and deliver messages rapidly.



480 fighting Legionaries, up to 150 support Auxilia.


At a Cohort level, the Primus Pilus has access to all but the largest siege engines in the Legions and all but the most senior levels of support. It is at this level that the Cohort may support up to 10 War Priests, the dreaded combat mages of the Legion.


The Centurion of the first Century is in overall command of their Century and the Cohort as a whole. Generally the first Century consists of the most veteran Legionaries in the Cohort and as such can operate a little more independently, leaving the Primus Pilus free to manage the Cohort.


Logistical Support

At a Cohort level they will be logistically supported by the civilian councils of the towns they are sworn to protect.


  • Clinicus (Doctors)
  • Medicus (Field Medic)
  • Engineers
  • Siege Engineers
  • Intelligence Officers
  • Paymasters
  • Quartermasters
  • Administration Officers

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Ranks & Titles


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