A century consists of 10 Contubernium organised under the command of a Centurion with associated staff officers.



Approximately 100 people. 80 Legionaries organised into 10 Contubernia, plus 20 staff officers, medics, war priests and so on.


At a Century level, they also have access to a limited amount of artillery support in the form of Ballista bolt throwers and Onager siege equipment.   They may also request funds for mercenary auxilia recruitment up to three times their size.


Although each Contubernium will operate independently in the field, at least once every year the entire Century will meet to conduct Century level training and formation practice.   Once every three years the entire Cohort will meet to conduct Cohort level exercises, and once every ten years the entire Legion will meet.


Logistical Support

A Century is able to request more comprehensive support from Legion command due to the presence of the Centurion. A Century is considered a large force of Legionaries.


  • Up to three Clinicus
  • Engineers
  • Paymaster
  • Civilian Liaison
  • Intelligence Officers


Pay is kept centrally at Cohort level and a Legionary is generally provided with everything they need in the field. A Century requires:  

  • 1200lb of Grain a week
  • 800lb of Salted Meat a week
  • 80lb of Salt a week
  • Oil, Lard and other spreads
  • Wine and Beer in large amounts


A Century will generally use their Civilian Liaison to recruit for the Legion, Centuries are required to provide recruits to send to Legion training camps based on where they are. This means that over time the Legions have started recruiting locals into their ranks and normalising the Legions composition to where they are.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Ranks & Titles


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