Led by the Legatus Legionis a legion is the largest formation of Legionaries that can be wielded by the Emperor.   A Legion consists of 6 Cohorts plus support personnel, this gives a total of 4800 Legionaries plus up to 1200 support personnel, for a combined strength of 6000. There are currently 20 Legions giving a total of 96,000 Legionaries in service of the Emperor, and a total of 120,000 men and women available to the Legion.   Each Legion raises such mercenary auxilia as it sees fit to secure the district they occupy, everything from mercenary units of Cavalry and Archers all the way down to bands of adventurers to scout and clear locations.



4800 fighting Legionaries plus up to 1200 support personnel.


A Legion has access to any and all equipment it requires, no piece of military equipment is off the table for them.


At a Legion level everything the Armouries contain is authorised for use.


Led by the Legatus overall he leads 10 Cohorts each in turn led by a Primus Pilus Centurion who in turn leads 6 Centurions and who finally leads 10 Decanus.   At all levels excluding Contubernium there are advisors to assist with the running of the Legion, these can be paymasters, engineers, medics, priests and so on.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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