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LEGIO I - Praetoria

The first, the last, the Emperors Guard.
— Centurion Pompus Magnii
  The First Legion, also known as the Praetorian guard is unique in several ways. It was the first, formed from the amalgamated remnants of the original Emperors horde that unified the central provinces. They are also allowed to wear Imperial Purple rather than the usual Red tunics. This signifies that they are attached to the Emperor, as the Emperors robes and official colour is also purple.Their key duties are to guard Lindum itself and a Century of Legionaries accompanies the Emperor at all times no matter where he goes.   The First legion started as the model army for the new Empire, they were the first organised into units of Contubernia, Centuries & Cohorts and proved to be so effective it led to the founding of the rest of the Legions.   They participated in campaigns to unify the Central Provinces and start establishing the Empire as a safe haven, through their brutal battles they ensured that the Empire was founded on secure borders and internal patrols. They were the first to come up with the division of the Empire into administrative districts each lead by a Legion responsible for it's policing and security.

Public Agenda

The Praetorian's main mission is to keep Lindum secure at all times and then maintain the Emperors personal bodyguard.

Nulli Secundus
(Second to none)

Military, Army
Alternative Names
The First
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization

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Author's Notes

I'm currently figuring out how to write an article for each Legion of the 20. Please dear commentors let me know what you think I need to add and what you'd expect in an article about a military formation...

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26 Aug, 2018 23:39

"Firstly it is the first legion, formed from the amalgamated remnants of the first Emperors horde that unified the central provinces." That is a lot of firsts.   A thing I would perhaps add is explaining what armaments they have access too with such high renown. Maybe the leader of it as well?

Author of Ravare.
26 Aug, 2018 23:46

That initial paragraph was just awful, thank you for that, I've now rewritten it and I feel it flows better! I will make a note to add those bits, thank you.

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Gerrit Dodd
27 Aug, 2018 02:20

Very short and succinct while still achieving what you set out to do. I only wish there was more information on what it takes to get into this elite group that's so close to the Emporer to give a bit more context to how elite they truly are. Other than that excellent article!

27 Aug, 2018 03:24

I enjoy that you've gone into detail regarding the structure of the various segments of the military, both because it personally interests me and also because it is often overlooked in the grand scheme of many narratives. The structure so often determines how many different functions and traditions are established. My question would be how much of the Praetoria personally guard the Emperor at any given time? Is there a subsection of the unit that serves as his personal guard, while the rest carry out what seems like a wide array of duties, or do they rotate among themselves?

27 Aug, 2018 17:59

Question: Since they are the emperor's bodyguards, do they have any different or particularly fancy equipment? Special standards, fancy armor, anything?   Do they have any political power? Like how the Praetorians in Rome became a huge political power bloc. Do these guys have anything like that?   Do they use different armaments when they guard the capital? Like big blunt maces to subdue rowdy civilians?

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