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Araea is a weird-fantasy setting in a world where humanity has been forced to survive deep underground since time immemorial. The surface of the planet is a barren wasteland plagued by radiation, vicious storms and terrible beasts. In the dark, mankind have built cities and civilizations. They farm fungi and mushroom, raise insects as livestock and fight wars all far from the sun. Against all odds, mankind survives.   It is a world of mystery and many unknowns. Most of the surface remains unexplored and even after millennia of habitation, humanity's presence in the depths are a flickering candle in a sea of darkness. The brave and greedy plunge into the unknown in search for glory, while others struggle to to survive in a hostile world. City-states fight over resources and food, bandits harry and steal. Of all the dangers in the darkness, other people are the most common. It is a world plagued by scarcity- of food, of water and of space free from danger.   Araea is a world where mankind has to fight to survive. It is a world of danger - and beauty. Caverns glitter with luminescent fungi, casting a dancing light on crystal spires and forgotten ruins. Just beyond its light, danger lurks in the dark.   Be wary where you tread. Welcome to Araea.    

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