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Mankind are not masters of this world, but children fumbling in the dark.
  Araea is a weird-fantasy setting in a world where humanity has been forced to survive deep underground since time immemorial. The surface of the planet is a barren wasteland plagued by radiation, vicious storms and terrible beasts. In the dark, mankind have built cities and civilizations. They farm fungi and mushroom, raise insects as livestock and fight wars all far from the sun. City-states stand as the pinnacle of humanity's domain, each in a race to stave off their own extinction. Predators lurk in the dark and heroes take up the torch and face them, undaunted. It is a world of wonder and terror in equal measure, of living crystals and hungry darkness, ancient abominations and humanity's own demons.  
Against all odds, mankind survives.

by Piotr Dura

It is a world of mystery and many unknowns. Most of the world remains unexplored and even after millennia of habitation, humanity's presence is little more than a flickering candle in a sea of darkness. The brave and greedy plunge into the unknown in search for glory.
There is desperation in the darkness. City-states fight over resources, bandits harry and steal, ordinary men and women toil, struggle and bleed. It is a world plagued by scarcity- of food, of water and safety. No matter where, from village to city-state, there is never enough for everyone.
The bite of hunger respects no armor or shield, nor wealth or class.

by Stefan Huerlemann

  Araea is a world where everything has to fight to survive. It is a world of danger - and beauty. Caverns glitter with luminescent fungi, casting a dancing light on crystal spires and forgotten ruins. There are black oceans, deep enough to drown continents, rivers of fire and molten metal, mushroom that tower over any monument ever made by man. Horrors wait for the the final torch of explorers to flicker and die.  
Be careful - be curious. Welcome to Araea.

by Mohamed Chahin


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